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I'm sure alot of you noticed I havent been updating lately.I haven't decieded if I am still going to keep Stake Off~Online Army or just let it drop.Oh yea,I know what your thinking.Your 4 Star General is a quitter.But you know what?I have school to go to and like,3 other websites to manage.For now,I will expect more submissions(#'s)to join Stake Off...but I still havent decieded wheather or not to keep the army going.Email me w/ comments or AIM me @: YTAngel3 or AJZLiLQT.Please continue to surf the site anyways.Thank you.
4 Star General and Creator of Stake Off

email me if you visited the # page and your name is not located there.thank you

choose your destiny:


I wanna go home

updates:yes I am an idiot.I lost ALL THE FREAKIN' ENTRYS...PLEASE SEND THEM AGAIN.

disclaimer:Stake Off has nothing to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.It is not an offical club and the owner,does not know any one like,Joss Whedon or people from the WB.All graphics made by Ripe Wicked Plum,Beppi,or Rebecca.Huge thanks goes out to all of them

All Stake Off members believe in the pairings of the Slayer and Spike.If you don' bad..
we don't like either Drusilla or Angel..not David or Juliet..and we strongly suggest you also,believe in Buffy and Spike.