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1967 Lemans 4 door OHC6.


I purchased this 1967 Lemans 4 door OHC 6 car from the original owner in the Spring of 1996. I had known of the car for over 15 years, as it "lived" around the corner from my parents house. I had stopped in to check on it, a couple times, but it was not for sale.

I had heard that the car was up for sale, and was disappointed that the owner had not contacted me. A week went by, and I got the call, that if I was still interested to come by and take a look. The owner was now 98 years old, and did not recognize the car, so her 70 somethng year old daughter had decided to sell it. The car had been purchased locally in West Palm Beach, though at the time of purchase, the owner lived in Melbourne Beach, approx 100 miles north. Although the car had resided in a car port, the rear end was exposed to the Florida weather, and the trunk lid was rotted away. In addition, there was other rust, but the interior was immaculate.

> The car has a strange combination of options. It is a OHC 6 with a 1 barrel carb, and the 2 speed transmission. However, it has the following options- power steering, power brakes, a/c, tilt column, and rally gauges. It had just a hair below 80,000 miles showing on the odometer. It is without a doubt one of the slowest cars that I have ever driven, but it does get 20 mpg. Unfortunately it has 2 doors too many, and not enough pedals.

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