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Leicestershire "Slang"

This page is for those of you who have not lived in Leicestershire in England and may not understand the local dialect. Here is an explanation of what is being said. Break each phrase down into small syllables. If you know the name of this tune by the band "No Doubt," you'll appreciate the webpage title!

thuraintnowtrongwiim There seems to be nothing the matter with him
turrahthen Goodbye for now
yuhwantsmackinup? Do you want a sound thrashing?
gotyereyefullayuh? Who are you looking at?
ezenowtburanidlegit He seems a lazy fellow
wherethubleedinellyuhbin? Where on earth have you been?
gizitere Please hand it over to me
shurrupyerdaftprat Would you please be quiet
wotzamarrawiim? What is the matter with him?
ezegorralorragobonim He has rather a lot to say for himself
wegunhafftaleggitum We will have to walk home
ahgorritoffthemaakit I purchased this article from the Leicester Market
mardiarsebleeder This person seems very upset and emotional
gerronoutovit Please go somewhere else
chukit Please stop doing that
eekeepsgeeinitthis He's trying to do something
ayupmeduck Excuse me madam
enitot It is rather warm
gerroutmeroad Please ensure there is no obstruction in front of me
whattimeduhyuhgerroffwuck? When does your daily employment finish today?
egorrableddygudidin He received a severe thrashing
gizabit I would like some of that
wotzamarrerwier? What is her problem?
ushutyergob Would you please refrain from speaking
aberitziz I am quite certain it belongs to him
lerrergerronwiit I suggest we let her do what she wants
azitaddowtdunatit? Has anything been changed on this item?
taintabadhowsizit I believe my home is very nice
izitmucky? Is it dirty
itzmedadzat This hat belongs to my father
howahyer? How is your health?
esezyuhcangetstuffed He is not going to follow your suggestion
itzthembloodyyanx It may be a problem with our American friends
ecanshurristrap He is advised to refrain from speaking
fatlorragudeiz It seems he will not be able to help us
ayermashed? Have you prepared a pot of tea?
bitnippyenit The weather is rather cool
erordizeyesout He cried heavily
erdadwuntlerrerguout Her father says she must remain in home
usodyerself I don't intend to do as you say
owsyerkeepinmeduck? How are you?
izmamstukiminthepram The boy's mother placed him into the baby buggy
esezitznoriz That person does not think it belongs to him
gerruzapint Would you order me a beer
izdadzgorramurk His father owns a Mercedes Benz
eadditgenim The article was given to him
wotzegorraguwtherefuh? Why does he have to go there
agenitmemam I handed it over to my mother
atoldimburredintlissen I attempted to inform him, but he declined to hear
yeretitayer? Have you eaten it?
azzegorrizeadscrewdonrite Is this person sane?
iaintpurrinupwiit I am not going to allow this
ecanshurriztrap It would be best if he refrained from speaking
shutyercakehole Kindly close your mouth
ayuhgotyercoggyon? Are you wearing your swimming costume?
yaintfritayuh? I hope you are not frightened
izmamgenimawack That person's mother inflicted bodily harm to him
ahrekkunezeableddypuff I believe he may be homosexual
gerrupyerlazybugger Would you please arise from your slumber
ayagorrerwiya? Have you got your wife with you?
edoontnonowt He does not appear to know much
iaintupCoalville Don't speak so loudly! (Coalville Residents probably developed another version).
geronoffovit Are you pulling my leg?
wegorragunlitethebonny We must go and set alight our bonfire (Guy Fawkes Night)
efellinthecut He has fallen into the canal.
Citychuckeditaway Leicester City lost again, I'm afraid.
ahmbleddystarvin I'm cold, rather than hungry.
geroffdownyerownend Go and play outside your own house.
ayergorrenycheesecobsmeduck? Do you have any cheese rolls?
gerupoffthuhcausy Please get up from the pavement (sidewalk)
ahluvyernewplimmies I really like your new tennis sneakers.
itznoranoss It is not a horse
heyupyerdaftbugger Excuse me, can I have your attention
hegenimminetheneguzandgizimisun He gave him mine and then he goes and gives him his own.
gorrowteat? Do you have anything to eat?
ahyewthekidwotcheekedmi? Are you the child who was rude to me?
gizaguzzgog Can I have one of your gooseberries?
gerrusanokiwisumrazon Would you please get me an ice cream with raspberry sauce over it.
izitinguddnick? Is this article in satisfactory condition?
gizacroggy Can I have a ride on the cross-bar of your bicycle?
ahmgunavaslash I intend to relieve myself
eluckedathergonnout He looked at her with a vacant stare
gizagoo could I please have a turn
gerruzalikklebokkleomilk please remember to pickup a little bottle of milk
ahmchuffedaboutit I am really pleased with it
wonanokiorowt? would you like an ice-cream or anything?
ifyeraintgorrityergorrergooangerrit If you don't have it with you, you will have to return for it.
mekkitgoobakkuds please put it in reverse
worritgenyer? was it given to you?
worritid? was it concealed?
Mardibuggerzgorrabaggon He is not in a good mood
Gorragerrabus I have to catch a bus
Ahseenyeruptahn I saw you in the City centre
Oowarawi? Who was I with?
Yuhwot? What did you just say?
Wotcha Hello
Eezatoffeenozedgit He is rather stuck up.
Gizakiss Can I kiss you?
Auwmuchizzit? What does this item cost?
Shlatternippumfrit I must return to my home for this item
Enchagunnabagsfrusmeduck? Do you intend to put this article into a bag?
Ennyonyuhgorennymunnyonyuh Do any of you have any any money?
Thasshipinthemmedddaz There are sheep in the fields
ahgorrahgewum I have to return to my home
gizalikonyeroki May I sample your ice cream
briwyunt Extremely good
gizabit Can I have a piece?
onyerbike That is a load of rubbbish
avgorrit I have it
ayergunnagerrit? Are you going to get it?
gorrenyrocks? Do you have any sweeties (candy)?
gizaguzgog Can I have one of your gooseberries?
ugonanbrukit You appear to have broken it
gorra gerranutherun Iíll have to get another one.
ah tisanorl Yes that is correct
ah tharranorl Yes, that one also
Ahgorra nutherun fuhyuhear I have another one for you here
Wotzitgorradowiim? What has it got to do with him?
Ayergooindownciti? Are you going down to watch City (Leicester)?
Ahvgorraavit I've got to have it.
Wotyerronabout What are talking about?
Cana avaramcob Can I have a ham roll?
Ayercuminoutferakickabout Would you like to play football?
Ayeroffthen Have you decided to leave?
Yentayuh? You havenít, have you?

If you are unable to understand any of the above, please e-mail the site custodian below. And if you know of additional phrases please let me know.


We 'ope you've 'ad a gud laff while on this page! Oh, and fer the thick buggerz who doon't know the name ov the song, it'z "Don't Speak."   'Du yer gerrit now?

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