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::A man standing at about 6'4'' walks down the dark street, steel toed combat boots clanking softly on the pavement. He glances at you, 2 dark blue orbs lancing out in the night..and you notice the three large scars on his right cheek. He glances away, rather quickly, some of his midnight black hair flying with his head. Thinking nothing of you, he walks off into the night. You shrug..and make your way again::

::As you arrive at your home, you decide to look into this person a little more..finding him somewhat type a short description into your computer..and wait as the computer searches for a matching description:

Accessing database. Please wait.
Matches found 1 of 1.
Reading file..Done.
Print file, Y/N? N
Displaying file...

Name:Craig Beouvle Age:23
Birthdate:Saturday April 12th, 1976
Place of Birth:United States of America
Presently Residing:RhyDin

Known maritial encryption file found!
Attempt to crack, Y/N?N..
Displaying Non-encrypted information..
Known to be in love with [Data Encrypted].

Description:6'4'', dark blue eyes. Dark black hair, 3 large scars on face.

Usual dress:Been observed wearing long black trenchcoat, Mk.3 Kevlar Vest, Nomex Gloves, black BDU pants, and a black T shirt and weapons.

Known to belong to:Dark Hand Elite((2d70))

Other information:Immune to all types of magic.((No AAs, DMs, ANYTHING permanent, or TAs..))

Recieving new data...
Data recieved.
View known weapon list, Y/N?Y
Print list, Y/N?N

((I've pictures of most of these weapons, ask))

10mm GLOCK 20 .45 Safe Action with 15 round magazine.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark 19 .50 Magnum Action Express.

Heckler and Koch MP5KA4 9mm with 3-round burst trigger group.

Heckler and Koch G36E 5.56mm Rifle with 18.9" barrel and 1.5X "Export" optical sight.

'Cable' a 3 foot long diamond katana.

Heckler and Koch HK33KA2 5.56mm Carbine with 12.7" barrel.

M4 Commando 5.56mm NATO w/M203 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher loaded with fletchette rounds.

Mark 23 .45 ACP with laser aiming module.

5 F-1 hand grenades.

2 Flashbang grenades.

3 K-Bar knives.

Occasionaly carries a MSG90 7.62mm Sniper Rifle with 20 round magazines and 10X Hensoldt telescopic sight.

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