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The Gallery

Updated 04/28/03

Welcome to the Gallery! All items in this section are prototypes used in the development of model kits, action figures, or other production pieces.

"Thomas Hewitt, AKA LEATHERFACE"

This is an example of some of the Special Effects work I do! This piece was originally sculpted in Roma clay, Molded in stone, and cast in Mask Latex. The mold will be good for many pulls without losing detail.

This sample shows the raw, in-progress stage of a pull. This one has been prepped and painted using a latex blend of mask paints. The hair is yet to be added. The hair can either be punched or laid on using crepe (or wool) hair. Both look great! The laces are also punched thru the mask for added realism.

"Ark Raider, 1936"
(model kit sculpt and paint master)

This newest piece was sculpted entirely in Castilene and consisted of 14 pieces prior to molding. It was cast in urethane and is the prototype for a new garage kit.

The kit is available with the gloved fists (as seen on the prototype) and standard hands (as seen on the finished product).

"Ark Raider, 1936" is available for a limited time through this site for $85 plus $5 shipping

"Grimm Reality"
(model kit sculpt and paint master)

This was produced as a 8 inch model kit prototype. Scope of work included sculpting, molding, casting, and painting for photography.

"Grimm Reality" is still available from this site for a limited time for only $35 plus $5 shipping

Mego 8 inch Punisher Custom

This figure was originally commissioned by ToyFare for their Twisted Mego Theater. The head is an original sculpt and the cloth costume was custom designed and tailored. The chest logo was hand-painted. The body was a Flattword figure body as the guys at Toyfare wanted to give the figure ample articulation. He's appeared in several issues of Toyfare to date!

Mego 8 inch Kang Custom

Kang was another 8 inch figure commissioned by Toy Fare. He features an original headsculpt and custom tailored outfit. You can still see him from time to time in the pages of one of the greatest toy mags out there and in 3 volumes of collected issues!

Mego 8 inch Namor Custom

Namor was another Toy Fare recruit and features an original headsculpt, cloth outfit and even has his ankle wings! Avengers, Assemble!!!

Die Hard John McClaine 12 Inch Figure

Yippy Ki Yay, mother @#*&%#! Here is Bruce Willis in his heyday as Detective John McClaine from Die Hard. The head was an all-original sculpt and the body is a BBI Toys Andromeda figure. The clothes are hand tailored and all weapons are stock. He has the machine gun, pistol, radio, wristwatch and the Cigarette (of course!). Bloodied and battered, he just wouldn't be complete without the wrappings around his foot! "Welcome to the party, Pal!"

Unbreakable David Dunne 12 Inch Custom Figure

I was on a bit of a Willis run with this one! The head was a retooling of the Diehard one I did only all the hair was removed. The poncho is hand tailored and he includes his trusty security radio and ball cap. His body is a Dragon Import body with bendable fingers.

BRUCE LEE 12 Inch Prototype Action Figure

Bruce Lee here was a commisioned piece to be used as a prototype for a mass-market figure several years ago. Due to politics with the toy company giants, this figure was never produced and a lot of bad ones were! This version featured the best head sculpt of Lee and would have featured cotton and silk style outfit. Sadly the collecting world will see very few of these great figures.

Universal Monsters THE MUMMY 12 inch custom figure

This custom figure preceeded Sideshow's recent version, but was far superior in execution. The face has that sleepy just-awoke-from-the-dead look as he truly was in the movie and the bandages were aged very similarly to the way Jack Pierce did it in the 30's. In Sideshow's defense, you just can't give individual attention to a figure when you produce 5000 of them.

Fredderic March HYDE 12 inch custom figure

This also predated Sideshow's version by a few years! I sculpted the head in Sculpey III and patterned it after the later scenes from the MGM classic interpretation of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. The clothes were tailored from scatch.

Jack Nicholson Wolf Model Kit

Jack Nicholson put a new spin on the lycanthrope mithos in his portrayal of the man-wolf. This was a 1/4th scale garage kit I did when the movie came out and featured and incredible likeness as well as a 1:1 scale wolf's head medalion. It has been out of production for several years, but is still a sought after kit.


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