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              FOR STROKE VICTIMS
              AND THEIR FAMILIES

This site is dedicated to Glenda Kay Sievers and her family
who have always given of themselves for others and wanted nothing in return.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Dan Sievers. I'm a retired law enforcement officer from the state of Florida, retiring at the age of 47. During my retired years, I met a lovely companion, Kay, and fell head-over-heals in love. I knew she had a pancreatic problem. but it was under control. I was unable to find health insurance that would cover her. Within 5 years of our relationship, we married. In December of 1998, she had a serious stroke. As a result, she is unable to speak or use her right arm. She has regained some of her walking skills and she is able to understand every word spoken to her.

The reason I'm telling you this is to let you know why this site exists. When this happened to Kay, I did not know what to do or where to go. I was told by many people that they had put their family members in a nursing home or a long term care program. Kay and I don't have that kind of money or insurance.

I'm hoping this site will help you through many of the tough questions and fears you may have. We will gather and update any news as it relates to strokes and stroke victims, and provide links to other sites where you can find some answers.

I hope you will share this site with others, create support group meetings, and create a team interested in obtaining equipment such as wheel chairs, walkers, shower stools, and potties that will always be there to help others.

You should prepare to apply for disability benefits through your state, county, and federal government offices. Call the Social Security Administration office nearest you to get started. Before your appointment, locate the following items for the stroke victim:

1. Picture ID ( such as driver license) with residence address.

2. Original birth certificate, Social Security card, tax returns, marriage and divorce records.

3. Any hospital records you can obtain, including the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all doctors involved, hospital and clinic account numbers, and a complete list of prescriptions.

4. Keep a complete written record of everything you do, including the names, job titles, places, dates, and comments of all agency employees with whom you have contact.

5. You may want to contact an attorney to get a Power of Attorney to sign documents and otherwise act on the victim's behalf.

With all these things in place you can expect to get a response within six months. If you receive disability compensation, you will most likely qualify for Medicare within two years

Welcome to the site and remember that it is here for you.

Dan Sievers

Happy Times
Kay and Dan

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I'd like to bring to your attention the plight of the uninsurable. Pre-conditions that keep people from obtaining insurance. Many people and families are financially destroyed by caring for people that can not get medical attention.

Be aware that in Kay's case, it has cost me $140,000 (yes, that is one hundred forty thousand) at this point and due to me caring for her I'm unable to work. Therefore, I may never get that bill paid for. Also note that Life Insurance is the same problem.

So, it is all of our responsibility to get involved to help. They say 40 million Americans do not have insurance. But how many do you think could never get insurance due to conditions that the insurance industry refuses to write policies for?

You should be aware that Medicare starts 2 years after disability and that if you make over $8000 a year, you can not afford Medicaid. For Kay to qualify for Medicaid, she'd have a $2300 per month deductible. That is more than I make.

And each month the deductible is reinstated.

I believe the UNITED STATES can do better; but it will not happen unless people set the tone. If you wish to push for this need and want to help make a difference, please call your federal representative, send a message to the congressman in your area and send me a message of support. We may even get the chance to start a electronic petition.

Thanks for caring and remember you will never know what tomorrow brings.

God Bless You and Yours.

I hope some day a foundation can be created to help people that can not get insured. That the American PEOPLE CAN UNDERSTAND THAT STROKE IS NOT A SIN, ITS A ILLNESS, THAT IS FORGOTTEN AND THE FEAR OF EVERYONE. With contributions to this site, I will apply for a 501c3 and donate the monies to a medical organization to assist in stroke research. Understand to from this site you will see that Australia is FAR ahead of us in this area. We loose a higher number of people to stroke than they do per capita

Want to learn just a little about strokes move on to this section of our site.

Please take time to check out these links. They've been a great help to us! The links will be updated as we receive more medical information and as new links are sent in.

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