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Pigeons and Doves (6)

Rock Pigeon (Dove) *
A common resident of urban areas. Large flocks of pigeons, up to 75, may be seen on wires in towns and cities. LCBC high count of 733 in 1986.

Ringed Turtle-Dove
A rare escaped cage bird found from time to time in urban settings.It is no longer a listed species because it is not considered to be anywhere wild. Last record in 1999.

Eurasian Collared-Dove *
A common resident of urban and suburban areas. First found in the county in 1989 in Haines City. This bird has spread rapidly through out the area and they now number in the thousands. LCBC high count of 2380 in 1999.

Mourning Dove*
A common resident throughout the region. A large field being reclaimed at a PPM produced 1500 birds and a daily high count of 1644 on August 21, 1999. LCBC high count of 1,680 in 1999.

White-winged Dove*
A fairly common resident, first found in the eastern half of the county. A large flock was first found in Haines City in 1989. They are expanding both in range and numbers. LCBC high count of 227 in 1999.

Common Ground-Dove *
A fairly common resident found in orange groves and open areas throughout the county. This Florida native seems to be on the decline. Small flocks of a dozen or so may still be found, but they are usually found in pairs. LCBC high count of 98 in 1968.