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Mockingbirds and Thrashers (3)

Gray Catbird
A fairly common winter visitor, October - April,(Early date 21 August) of woods and brush land. During migrations, up to 50 in a day are possible. LWCBC high count of 126 in 1996; LCBC 98 in 1991.

Northern Mockingbird *
A common resident of Polk County. Found everywhere but the deep woods and swamps. Fifty to sixty a day can be found in every season. LWCBC high count of 318 in 1995; LCBC 257 in 1997.

Brown Thrasher *
An uncommon resident of the region. Found most easily in or near orange groves. LWCBC high count of 34 in 1996. Its double note call separate it from the longer call of the mockingbird. LCBC 17 in 1974