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Welcome to the new and improved NITROGEN Webpage

Here you can find any info you need on the Grunge-Punk Rock Group from South Africa.

Nitrogen are:

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Plays guitars and sings
Plays bass and hums along

Plays guitar and the fool
Plays drums and well...Drums

We hail from Johannesburg, South Africa and are from November a completely Christian band.

On this page you will find...

About Me : This is a page about me, Michael the Guitarist and Singer of Nitrogen who slapped together this page.

Band Info : This page contains all the secrets and history of the Band.Sometime soon there will be sounds there.

Cocamo : This is a link to the original rhythm guitarist Ryan Millward's Webpage.

Ja's Page : This is a link to The original Vocalist/Bassist Jarrod Dinwoodie's Page.

Thanks List  : To all the little people who made it possible for us and a few extras.

Well, don't just stand there and stare. GO AND  EXPLORE!!!


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