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"In all reform movements, there comes a time when individuals are called upon to stand strong in their beliefs . . ." Musser demonstrates clearly the depth of her moral fiber in this book which is written from the heart.
Annette Baran, MSW
Co-Author of The Adoption Triangle

To Prison with Love
The True Story of an Indecent Indictment, and America's Adoption Travesty. A review by Alice Syman.

Sandy Musser of Cape Coral, FL spent many years reuniting families separated by adoption. But the price she would ultimately pay for learning to outwit those who would have kept these families forever apart was a tragedy and a travesty. In 1993 the United States Government threw this good and decent woman in prison.

As you read, rejoice with Sandy as she reunites family after family. Feel her apprehension when she hears rumors that one of her "investigators" thinks SHE is being investigated. By the United States Government! Commend Sandy for reassuring her "investigator" that she will stand by her, no matter what.

Feel Sandy's mounting suspicion that SHE is being setup to take the fall for her "investigator" and "friend," Bobbi. Cringe at Sandy's horror when she picks up the local paper and reads this headline:
"Adoption/Reunion Specialist Sandy Musser Indicted"
(For criminal conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud, and theft of government property)

Sandy's "investigator," Bobbi, allegedly had been illegally obtaining social security numbers and birth information by impersonating doctors and Social Security Administration officers. A government investigator had been after her for several years. He posed as a birthfather and finally reeled her in. She pled guilty and to save her own skin incriminated Sandy big time. The federal investigator considered Sandy Musser, of the Musser Foundation, a much bigger fish than her "investigator" -- the real criminal.

Wait with Sandy as she sits through a long trial. Read transcripts of the government investigator's testimony that so cruelly convicts her. Admire Sandy because one of the reasons she refused to testify on her own behalf was that she was afraid she would incriminate others in the adoption search business. (As the government wanted.) Ride with her as she travels to a federal prison to turn herself in for a four-month's sentence. Feel her frustration when she learns she will not be processed for three days, and is thrown in a cell with no radio, no time, nothing to read, no one to speak to. And without her critically needed medication. Cry with her as she curls up on the cold hard floor and with tears flowing, sings quietly an old hymn she learned in Sunday School. "On a hill far away, stood an old rugged cross, the emblem of suffering and shame."

Stay with Sandy those four long months as she copes as best she can with the frustrations of prison life. Agonize with her as sits locked in her cell, waiting to hear from her many old friends in the adoption reform movement and eventually learns that most of them have turned their backs on her, afraid to get involved. Go home with her and watch sadly as she tries to start over. Decide if you would have ratted out others in the movement to save your own skin.

by Alice Syman Copies of To Prison With Love are limited. The book will not be reprinted so order today at 30% off the regular price - now only $9.95!! Add $1.50 for pstg/handling. Send to: Syman Publishing, P.O. Box 5495, St. Augustine, FL 32085. Email:

Awareness Press
Reform Activist Sent to Prison

Susan B. Anthony and 15 of her friends were arrested November 5, 1872 for attempting to vote; 121 years later, to the day, November 5, 1993, Sandy Musser was sent to federal prison for the 'crime' of "conspiracy to defraud the government of confidential information" in her work of reuniting families. The largest lobbying group in the country who are working to keep adoption records sealed, called Sandy a vigilante and a terrorist! But what was her terrible crime??

"TO PRISON WITH LOVE" is a sobering account of our government's flagrant abuse of power. It is a story of sting operations, government lies, taped phone conversations, and coercion that turns friends against friends. George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four could never have predicted a system as corrupt as the one that sent this non-violent grandmother to federal prison. This time it was Sandy Musser. Who will be next? You?
David C. Taylor, Lifetime CERA Member,
Co-Host "Adoption Answers" Radio Show.

"The System is so blatantly unfair and discriminatory against adoptees that it is one of the great civil rights struggles ahead for our country. I consider people like Sandy Musser to be the civil rights pioneers for the adoptive rights movement. People like her who are reconnecting families are people we should be celebrating."
Dennis DeLeon, Commissioner on Human Rights

"In following her conscience in challenging sealed records in adoption, Sandy was acting for all of us whose lives are in any way touched by adoption. Sandy believed strongly, not only in the need to humanize adoption practices, but passionately about the need to help those who have suffered from the effects of sealed records. She identifies with adoptees....with birth mothers....with adoptive parents.
Henry Thoreau said that individuals should refuse to obey any government rule they believed unjust. Mahatma Ghandi said that non-violent resistance was justified to bring about social change. The Nuremberg Trials that followed World War II held that a person did not have to blindly obey laws that were unjust, but had a responsibility to follow his own conscience. Martin Luther King believed that unjust laws should be challenged.
This is not only Sandy Musser's story, but it is part of a historical record of the adoption reform movement. Most importantly, it represents a turning point in the struggle to open adoption records."
Reuben Pannor, M.S.W.,
Co-Author of The Adoption Triangle and Lethal Secrets.

Doing nothing more than helping other adults search for their roots caused Sandy Musser to be indicted and convicted by our government. Even though she was given the opportunity to plea bargin, she elected to go to prison for her strong beliefs that these laws are terribly unjust. With strong support of a loving family and many friends, she survives the prison experience and gets lots of exposure for the cause of adoption reform through media shows i.e, 60 Minutes, Dateline and A&E Documentary, as well as other talk programs and the press. Somewhere in the book Ms. Musser mentions she is 5' 4 1/2" tall, but when you finish the book she will stand about 10' tall in your eyes. This book is must reading for anyone affected by adoption or family separation of any kind.
Ron Raulerson, The Cardinal Agency
Tampa, Florida


Mother Searches for Daughter She Gave Up for Adoption
The year was 1954. Eisenhower was president, Elvis had just cut his first record, the civil rights movement was getting started and Sandy was a young teenager giving birth to a baby "out of wedlock." In this book, she describes what it was like to be in this tenuous situation during the 50's, the tremendous peer pressure, the expectations of society and the pain of having to "surrender" her first-born child. 22 years later, in 1976, she made a conscious decision to search for her and shares those exciting and special moments as each new piece of information is uncovered. The book's title came from her deep longing to one day be reunited with her precious daughter and states that she always knew she WOULD HAVE SEARCHED FOREVER!

LJ Kelly Williams
from Lincoln, Nebraska ,
The author was young when she gave birth to her first child. This book explains how things were in the days of the "50"s and how past generations dealt with emotional situations. Reading the author's story reminds me of the past I grew-up in. Sandy encourages everyone to go forward, or even go back in time, if necessary; whatever it takes to help us succeed. She didn't quit until she found her daughter.
A friend gave me this book to read. I felt like she was talking to me. The book was written from the heart. May these books reach the hands of many and then God will be able to guide them to freedom and truthfulness.