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Fat, Dumb, and Happy? Maybe ignorance really is bliss!

Most Americans think that the year 2000 was the new century and millennium. They think this because all the television stations and advertisers and politicians say that it is so.

But they are WRONG!

  • FACT: The man who created our calendar was a Roman of the old Roman Empire.

  • FACT: The Roman numeral system does not have an independent zero.(0)

  • FACT: This Roman named the 1st year of our calendar the Year ONE, not the Year Zero.

  • THEREFORE: Since one century is 100 years and the first year was the Year One, then 100 years later is the Year 100. This means that the 2nd Century was from the Year 101 to the Year 200. The 3rd Century was from the Year 201 to the Year 300, etc, etc.

  • NOW: The 20th Century was from the Year 1901 to the Year 2000. This is indisputable simple math!


    Working the same way, the 1st Millennium started with the Year ONE. Since a millennium is 1000 years, then the 1st Millennium ends with the Year 1000. Therefore the 2nd Millennium started with the Year 1001 and ended with the Year 2000!

    My Sources:

  • United States Naval Observatory = The official timekeeper of the US Government.
  • 'Is this the real millennium?', CNN article By Douglas Herbert
  • 'The great millennium misunderstanding', CNN article by Bruce Kennedy

    Are You Wrong?

  • IF you want to say that the year 2000 was the new millennium, then you might as well say that 4+4=9. You would have to re-invent our calendar or re-define a millennium to be 999 years instead of 1000.
  • IF the Roman who created our calendar had actually started with the Year ZERO, then everybody would be right because the 1st millennium would be from Year 0 to Year 999 and the 2nd millennium would be from Year 1000 to 1999. BUT THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH!
  • Our fault? NO! It is not our fault that the Roman started with the Year One instead of the year zero, like he should have. But since the Romans did not have a zero in their number system, he started with one.
  • Therefore we have to go by the rules, unless you are one of those liberal revisionist people who want to re-define everything. I hope you see the light here.

    "The intelligent minority of this world will mark 1-January-2001 as the real beginning of the 21 century and the Third Millennium,"
    --Arthur C. Clarke, author 2001: A Space Odyssey

    Thank you for reading this page!

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