Mike's Triumph Spitfire:
Thirty Seven Years of Fun!

1980 Triumph Spitfire (Pageant Blue)

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I bought this 1980 Spitfire after seeing it on on Craig's List and learned through club members that they knew the seller. After driving it around the seller's neighborhood, I knew it needed a lot of work but since my yellow Spitfire was not ready yet, I thought that I could take it to the show and later fix it up. Well, three weeks was not enough time because it has electrical troubles that I was not able to resolve quickly. I was going to drive it anyway with my son, but the morning of the show a rain shower came over our area and the wipers would not work (even though they had worked a few days before). It was not raining at the show site, but for the first time in 17 years, I went to my club's annual show without a British car. :-( [April 2016]
The original black rubber bumpers are in really bad shape. I checked with all the parts companies and none supply replacements. I have seen pictures of 79 and 80 Spitfires converted to chrome bumper. So I started that by doing the rear bumper first because it's easier than the front. I'll work on the front bumper later. [November 2016]
1980 Spitfire Here is this 1980 Spitfire in my back yard after a country drive. Still have not replaced the front bumper with chrome, but I would like to sell this one in order to focus on getting my yellow Spitfire back on the road. [Summer 2018]

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