Mike's Triumph Spitfire:
Thirty Seven Years of Fun!

Spitfire 1500 Fun & Repairs during 2008 & 2009

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Mike and his Spitfire at New Orleans 2008 with nephew Chris
At the New Orleans British Car Day 2008. As usual, I trailered to Mom's house in Slidell because I have two children and drove with my nephew Chris the remaining 35 miles to the show site. This show is always a good one to attend. This year the rain came and went all day. Photos by Ronnie Palmisano.[March 2008]

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My Spitfire at PBCA 2008 This is my yellow Spitfire at the Pensacola British Car Show 2008. There were six cars in the Spitfire/GT6 class (one GT6 and five Spitfires). I also organized a national Spitfire gathering for the North American Spitfire Squadron (NASS) that we called the "Gulf Coast Spit-Together". Details about our activities are on this page. The website of NASS is here. [April 2008]


My Spitfire at PBCA 2009 The same location one year later at my club's 2009 show. But this time we had eight Spitfires! The owners of five Spitfires traveled more than 330 miles to attend! Three came from northern Kentucky, one from south Indiana, and one from central Louisiana.
Pictures of all the cars and from the shows of other years are here. [April 2009]

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