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I like science fiction a lot. My favorite on TV now is Babylon 5. I also like Star Trek, the Star Wars saga, the X-Files, and Battlestar:Galactica.

B5 logo
Spock and Kirk from 'The Enterprise Incident' NCC-1701D
DeForest Kelly passed away on June 11, 1999 at the age of 79. As the crusty, but good-natured Dr."Bones" McCoy, he will most certainly be missed. My tribute to him is here.

The Lucasfilm has released the new Star Wars prequel, "Episode I - The Phantom Menance". Real-life adventure faced the production crew in the sands of Tunisia during filming. Check out their site for the latest hot news!

theatre movie poster concept drawing
    The classic movie poster.              A concept painting from the new movie!

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