Mike's Triumph Spitfire:
Thirty Seven Years of Fun!

Before, During, and After, here are the pictures!

I brought my yellow Spitfire 1500 to the body shop in a mostly stripped condition. I had already removed the engine/transmission, all devices from the engine compartment, turn signals, front bumper, brake lights, door handles, and interior. I admire you guys who do your own bodywork, but I did not have the time to learn how to do body work before my club's annual show. Also, I did not want to learn how to do body work on THIS car that I have had over 20 years (at the time in 1999). I wanted it done right.

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before restoration Here is as it was before restoration and as it looked for about 17 years collecting dents and scratches along the way from parking mistakes and a uncareful bicycle rider on a college campus. I've learned about the car and repaired whatever I could since I was 16-years-old and driving this Spitfire to high school. [1981 to 1998]
high school spitfire This picture was taken during my high school years. The green sticker on the windshield is the school parking sticker. You can also see the California-style mag wheels that were on the car when we found it. I used them for 9 years until I met a guy in Jacksonville, FL, that had an original set for sale. [about 1982]
country spitfire I call this picture, "Country Spitfire", taken in my back yard next to my shop in April 2001. Click below for the restoration process over the years.[April 2001]
Thanks Britain! This picture was taken near Naval Air Station Pensacola with a fellow Spitfire owner whose car is a 1971 Spitfire Mk4. The billboard says it all! This picture appears in the Fall 2003 issue of "Triumph Spitfire & GT6" magazine. [July 2003]
Spitfire Mk4I learned that a Spitfire friend, Bill Hassebrock, was killed in a scuba diving accident. He would call me to ask questions about restoring his Mk4. This is really sad. Rest in Peace, Bill! Here is a picture taken when we did the billboard photo above with his 1971 Triumph Spitfire Mk4. Bill bought this car in 2002 and won 1st place at the SABCC 2002 show and 2nd place at PBCA 2003. It has won 1st place at New Orleans British Car Day 2001 and 2nd place in the Spitfire/GT6 class at the PBCA British Car Beach Bash April 2001.[2008]

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Date last updated: Wednesday, January 17, 2007