Mike's Tribute to President Ronald Reagan!

God Bless you!!
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Ronald Reagan at the West Germany wall
Reagan in a tuxedo Reagan with US Flag

I have been reading the book, "Ronald Reagan: A Remarkable Life", by J.H. Cardigan (1995). I have always appreciated Reagan's leadership, style, confidence, and ability as President, but now I have a book to point others to and read up on some history of what made him such a great man and a great president.

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I joined the U.S. Navy in 1987 when Ronald Reagan was President and I was PROUD to call him our Commander-in-Chief. Terrorist countries like Iran and Lybia got their butts kicked when they tried to mess with us while Reagan was president. In April of 1997, I left the Navy Reserve out of disgust for what President Clinton and his liberal cronies have done to our nation's military. He let rag-tag soldiers kill 18 Army Rangers in Somolia without the tanks and heavy support that they requested. After they were dead and dragged through the streets, Clinton offered no retaliation like the wimp he is. I left the military, as did many of my old high-school friends, ASHAMED to be required to call President Clinton our commander-in-chief.

This page will include some passages from J.H. Cardigan's great book and the excerpts will be changed from time to time:

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