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Standard Light Bulb or Wooden Bulb


Transfer Paper (if needed to trace pattern)

Aleene’s Premium Coat Acrylic Paint Colors:Holiday Green, Light Yellow, True Red, Burgundy, Yellow Ochre

Sponge Brush (spouncer works well)

#2 and #6 Shader Brush                                                          

Decorative Snow

Permanent Ink Marker (fine point)

Ribbon (for hanger)

Glue Gun

Clear Matte Spray Sealer


1. Wash light bulb and dry thoroughly.

2. Basecoat bulb holiday green using 2 coats, let dry in between coats. (hint: I use a basic socket fixture, the

kind you affix to the ceiling to hold my bulbs while I base coat, otherwise you have to hold until paint dries).

3. Basecoat metal part of bulb true red using 2 coats.

4. Basecoat the face with light yellow.

5. Overpaint the face using a thinned holiday green (2 parts water 1 part paint). Let dry completely.

6. Draw or trace pattern on with pencil.

7. Paint the nose holiday green.

8. Using #2 shader dry brush (load your brush and then wipe off on a paper towel until the brush seems dry)

holiday green in eyelids, under nose and mouth.

9. Paint eyes using light yellow. Paint pupils burgundy and highlight with a small dot of light yellow. Paint top

of eye using yellow ochre.

10. Use black permanent pen to outline the face features.

11. Hot glue a small loop of ribbon to the very top for hanger.

12. Using decorative snow paint over hot glue at the top and around the bottom of metal part for hat band. Let

dry completely.

13. Spray seal with clear matte spray.