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Kat's Fic (untitled)

by Kath Shadow

Disclaimers. Paramount owns everything. I have no money. Mean no disrespect, I just happen to think that KJ and C belong together.

’Janeway to Chakotay’

’Chakotay here, Captain. What can I do for you?’

’Please report to my ready room. There’s a matter I’d like to discuss with you.’

’Of course, I’m on my way.’

’Good. Oh, another thing, too...’


’I talked to Tuvok. About, you know, the thing we talked about.’


’The personal matter, Chakotay.’

’What did he say?’

’He agreed to do it. It took some convincing, he wan’t... isn’t sure I’m doing the right thing, but I told him this is what I want to do, and this is the right thing for me. I think I made him realize my point of view, especially since I wouldn’t back away from it. Chakotay, this is what I want. I want to do this. I need to do this. We deserve it.’

’But he agreed.’

’Yes. He did.’

’Good. Now all we need to do is... hang on. I’m coming to the bridge.’

’Ok, report to the ready room, Commander.’

’Aye, Captain.’

15 seconds later

’Come in. Go on Chakotay, you were saying?’

’Yes, well...’

’I’m sorry, can I get you anything?’

’Tea please. The usual.’

’Tea, blend 7 and coffee, black.’

’Aah, thank you.’

’Welcome. I’m sorry. You were saying..’

’As I was saying, now all we have to do is to decide the date.’




’You’ve already decided haven’t you? I should’ve known!!’

’How about the anniversary of our first fishing trip.’

’You mean on New Earth?


’When we...’


’But that’s only 5 weeks from now!’

’I know. Getting cold feet?’




’Not a chance. Chakotay. I love you. I want to do this. Like I said, we deserve it. I’m happy with you no matter what, but I want to make it official.’

’I’m glad you think so, Kathryn.’

’I do.’

’I love you, too.’




’So the date’s about 5 weeks from now. Who do you think we should invite?’

’For the ceremony? Just the closest friends. Tom, B’Elanna, Seven...’

’...Harry, Neelix, the doc...’

’I was also thinking that we could invite Samantha and Naomi.’

’They’d be thrilled. Especially Naomi.’

’Yeah. I thought it’d be great for her. Something special. As for the party later on, everyone would be welcome.’

’I like the way you think.’

’I’ve also got an idea for the cake..’

’Nu-uh. You’re not touching the cake. Not before you’ll eat it.’

’Chakotay!! Don’t you trust me?’

’With cooking? Anything else, yes. But I’d rather let Neelix do the cake than you. Ouch!’

’Serves you right. And just for your information, I’m not doing the cake. And neither is Neelix if I have anything to say with it.’

’Well, you should. You are the captain after all.’

’Not to meantion it’s our wedding. Besides, I’m not that bad.’

’I have to admit, yes. The last lasagne was actually good. You’re quick to learn.’

’Maybe it has something to do with me having a great teacher.’

’I could teach you something else, too...’

’Chakotay, we’re on duty!’

’But it’s just you and me..’

’Yes, but... ummm.. I thought we... Agreed not.. not to... ohhh...’

’Tell me to stop’

’We really... ahhh, yesss. Oh, no, we really.... Chakotay..’

’Tell me to stop.’

’Stop. Stop talking! Help me get this thing off.. oh... off of you!’

’Only if you help ...mmmm... me with yours.’

’What do you think I’m doing all the time. Computer. Engage privacy lock. Authorasation Janeway-Omega-One.’

Privacy lock engaged.

’That’ll raise Tuvok’s eyebrows.’

’Oh god. Don’t make me think about him now.’

’Sorry. Maybe this’ll help.’

’Oh... mmm... I’m sure it...’


’Oh god... that was...’

’You were incredible.’

’Thank you. So are you. I mean... wow.’

’We aim to please, Captain.’



’Don’t remind me. I’ve got a meeting with Tuvok in about 10 minutes.’

’In here??’

’Well, this is my ready room. Why?’

’Kathryn, his sense of smell...’

’Oh no! We can’t have the meeting in here! He’ll know at once!’

’C’mon, we’d better hurry. Here, your top.’

’Your jacket.’

’Thanks. Aaah, now if I could only find my other sock.’

’I’ve lost one of my pips again. I hate it when this happens!!’

’What? When we..?’

’NO! The chaos afterwards. And I hate these damn pips. I always manage to lose them. Aaah! Found it!Help me with this, please?’

’Sure. Here we go. Ok, just that collar straight. You’re ok.’



’Hmm... yes, just a bit of lipstick ok, now it’s gone.’



’I’m sorry but...’


’I guess I got a little carried away.’

’What do you mean?’

’A hickey.’


’Yes. Right there.’



’You can see it well?’

’It’s partially covered by the collar, but if you’re asking if Paris will notice..?’


’He definately will.’

’Damn. This is just what I need. Computer, disengage privacy lock. Janeway-Omega-One.’

Privacy lock disengaged.

’Tuvok to Janeway.’

’Janeway here.’

’Captain, may I suggest that we hold our meeting at once. Another matter has been brought to my attention, and I would prefer to get the matter settled soon. So if you don’t mind-’

’That’s fine Mr. Tuvok. But let’s make it the mess hall shall we? I’m... I’m a bit hungry. I’ll see you there in 5 minutes, Janeway out.’

’Good save.’


’By the way, what did you mean to talk to me about? Before we got... well, distracted.’

’Oh, yes. B’Elanna’s come up with a new idea to boost the engines. But we’ll have to get back on that later on.’

’Ok. See you at dinner?’

’You can bet on it. 1900 hours? My quaters?’

’I’ll be there.’

’Ok, I’ll see you then. I better get going. Don’t want to be late.’

’After you.’

’Thank you, commander.’

’Always aim to please.’

’Stuff it.’

’Excuse me?’

’The bridge is yours, commander. I’ll be in the mess hall.’

’Aye, Captain.’

The End