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By: Katariina Siimes

This story is fan fiction and itís all about Star Trek: Voyager. This is a J/C-romance... so if you want lots of battles and explotions or you canít stand the idea of Janeway and Chakotay being together, I suggest you donít waste your time. Your loss, not mine. Paramount owns the characters, Voyager, the Delta-Quadrant and a very large piece of my heart, mind and soul but not body. Anyways they provide the toys and i just play with them. This story is rated PG. I guess..... BTW, this is my first fanfic so please be gentle. Any comments can be mailed to:

The sound of the wake-up call dragged Janewayís mind awake. Was it morning already? Good heavens, she was sore! Truly Kathryn, youíre too old to behave like that!, she thought, grinning as the memories of the previous night resurfaced in her mind.

A strong but gentle arm wrapped itself around her. Then he started kissing her neck and shoulders. Kathryn smiled. it would be so wonderful to lose herself into his love again. But no. Thanks to last nights late íexcercisesí, theyíd agreed to sleep as late as possible and that meant there was no time for fooling around. If they intended to be on time, theyíd have to hurry. She turned around when his hands caress an her back. She opened her mouth to remind him of their hurried schedule, but he silenced her with a kiss before she could utter one word. His other hand came up to craddle her head as the other rested on her bare shoulder. If only she wasnít the captain, she could indulge herself for 15 minutes of incredible pleasure. Hell she was the captain! If anyone had a permission to be late every once in a while it was her! Especially since she had such a good reason. NO! She was the captain she had to set an example to the crew. Reluctantly she broke the kiss and began to get up.

" We have to hurry," she said to her companion.

" Oh, well. Good morning to you, too. Darling," he said mockingly.

She looked at him like a mother that chides her child, but the puppy-look on his face made her smile. She bent down to him, kissed him quickly and said : " Good morning love." Then after giving him another quick kiss she rushed into the bathroom , vincing from the pain in her muscels caused by a too sudden move. From the bathroom she called to him. " I really mean what I said, Chakotay! We have to hurry. We canít be late. Not again."

Obeying her like a good First officer should, he got up and went to the bathroom just as Kathryn was coming out. Both of them walking fast, they barely avoided a collision.

" Sorry, honey," she apologized as she continued to run to her closet. she picked up a new, clean uniform and started to put it on. As she was putting on her boots, Chakotay came out of the bathroom and grinned.

" At least that one is in a better shape than the one you wore yesterday!"

" Oh, stop it!" Despite herself she blushed. " I should have thrown you into the brig for what you did to my uniform." She cast a glance on the floor next to the bed at the torn red-and-black heap, which had once been her uniform. Kathryn shook her head.

Chakotay had put on his uniform and came around Kathryn from behind, sneaking his arms around her as she was still closing the front of her jacket. " Donít tell me it wasnít worth one lousy uniform!," he said, pretending to be hurt.

She turned around with a smile on her face. " Oh, it was worth it alright, but... well, letís just be thankful that Starfleet wonít be asking explenations for used and ímissingí uniforms." She poked him between his ribs with her forefinger and dived under his arm to go the living quaters. there she headed straight to the replicator.

" How much time do we have before we go on duty?," she asked Chakotay.

" About 15 minutes," he replied.

" Good," she said. " Coffee, black." Kathryn took the cup from the replicator and took a careful sip. Good, it wasnít too hot.

" Good? How come you say that? We could still be in bed," Chakotay complained.

She gave him a stern look that shouted: "Shut up!" Then she sipped her coffee again and closed her eyes as she savoured its taste.

" Honey, when are you going to believe me? we only need 15 minutes in the mornings to get ready...if we really squeeze it," he was trying to reason with her.

Kathryn had to admit that he was right. If they didnít fool around 15 minutes might just be enough.

" I guess youíre right. I suppose itís true what they say about old habits dying hard. I used to need that time to do my hair. Now that it isnít a problem anymore..."

" Is that why you cut it?" Heíd always wanted to know, but never saw it approriate to ask.

" What?"

" Is that why you cut your hair? To save time and trouble?"

" Thatís part of the reason. But also... Mark liked my hair long. And when I decided to let him go, I didnít really see any reason not to cut it." Silently she wondered if there would have been a reason after all.

" I see," was all Chakotay said.

" Why? Does it bother you? That I cut it?"

" No," but he felt like he owed her an explation so he continued. " Itís just that Iíve been wondering why you cut it after wearing it so long for so many years. But no, it doesnít bother me. I love you no matter what lenght your hair is. Always." He sealed his words with a kiss.

Janeway felt the familiar fire begin to rise in her chest and spread around her whole body. " I love you, too," she said when they finally broke for air. She took another sip of the coffee, but as she was putting the cup down, Chakotay took it from her and drank nearly all that was left.

" Hey!" Janeway slapped him playfully at his hand to make him stop. she then took the cup back from him and drowned the last drops.

" Iíll pay you back, donít worry," Chakotay said, smiling.

Janeway smiled back. " Itís not the rations Iím worried about..." She put the cup down on her work desk and then circled her arms around his neck. Taking his cue he put his arms around her, resting them at the small of her back.

" What then?"

Smiling wickedly she said one word, " You," and started laughing when he lifted an eyebrow mimicing her. Shaking her head she forced herself to calm down. Very seriously she provided him with a litle more explenation.

" That stuff is going to kill you one day," she said, borrowing the line from him.

" Phycisian heal thyself!" Chakotay laughed.

" Honey... how many times do I have to say! with me it doesnít matter anymore. For me itís just too late!"

" Then how come youíre still alive?" He loved the mornings with her. Teasing each other. He never seized amazing the power she over him.

" Iíve always said youíre a man of many talents. Many, many talents," Kathryn said, caressing his neck and the back of his head, but forgot all about it as he gave her a small kiss that almost turned into something more.

Catching herself just in time she drew from him and looked at the chronometer on the wall. " Oh gosh! Weíre deffinately going to be late!"

Rushing out of the door and then to the turbolift he couldnít help but tease her some more before duty would force them to maintain protocol throughout the day. " So? Should we tell them the same story as we did yesterday and the day before that, or do you have any new ideas?"

As a thanks for the íjokeí she slapped him on the shoulder. " Behave!," she told him, stepping into the lift and then ordered the computer to take them to deck one.

" Do you realise that soon Iím going to have to see the doctor about my injuries. How do you think heíll react when Iíll tell him that they have been caused by the Captain of this ship and that she keeps abusing me physically?" Even when his voice was serious his eyes belied his teasing.

She smiled him sweetly. " Halt lift." The turbolift stopped seconds before the doors wouldíve opened to the bridge. " Iím sorry. Iíll make you a deal. If you can get through today without making so-called íinside jokesí Iíll try to limit my physical contact, ok?" But only when weíre in duty, she silently added.

" OK. Itís a deal." Turning to the door he asked her, " Ready?"

" Yes. But Chakotay, promise me, tonight weíll go to bed early!" As wonderful lover as he was, she needed her sleep. At least every once in a while.

" Fine with me," he grinned, unable to resist. " As long as we wonít go to sleep..."

" Chakotay!!!" Kathryn was about to slap him again but stopped herself. Instead she started laughing. He took her by the shoulder and as she stopped laughing he hugged her briefly.

" Have a good day, my love," she said, delivering the wish with a lingering kiss.

" You, too, sweetheart." He smiled. " Donít be too rough on people, ok?"

Laughing again she nodded and told the computer to continue the ride. Almost immediately they arrived to the bridge. One last brush of hands and another day started for the Captain and First Officer of the Voyager in the Delta Quadrant.