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Dean Koontz Forum

Since January 2001, I have been subjected to nasty emails, had my ethics questioned and been told that I am no fan of Dean Koontz. All of this came about because I was approached by someone who had located a paperback book called "Hung", written by Leonard Chris. and wanted to know if it was the same book which had been mentioned in the Katherine Ramsland biography.

After reading the entire text and comparing it with what little information was publicly known about the book, I was able to verify that it was the "lost" novel that Koontz himself had ADMITTED writing and, therefore "Leonard Chris" was the pseudonym Koontz had REFUSED to acknowledge. I was ecstatic because I now knew that pseudonym.

As a long-time collector of Dean Koontz novels, I felt a responsibility to make that information available to other Koontz fans. There is, however, an elite group of Koontz collectors who believe that the fans should not be given this information, presumably because these collectors have searched long and hard for "Hung" (as well as other titles which Koontz is alleged to have written under other as-yet unacknowledged pseudonyms) , and they wish to be able to obtain these books from unsuspecting individuals at lower prices. I'm no knight in shining armor, folks, but that strikes me as just plain WRONG and I have steadfastly refused to take the information off the site.

There are also some fans who insist that I should not have posted the information because Dean Koontz did not want this information to be public knowledge. I feel that if I were to accede to their wishes I would be guilty of the same deception that I railed about in the previous paragraph.

As of this update (May 12, 2006) the response to this forum has been overwhelmingly in favor of my decision. Since I created the forum there have been less than 15 outright negative responses, 11 mixed or unintelligible responses, and over 2400 positive responses.

For the past four years I have been investigating the authorship of more than ten novels published under several other pseudonyms which I believe may have been written by Dean Koontz. I would like your input before deciding whether or not to divulge these additional pseudonyms on the site and also to solicit your suggestions about the site. I want to make it as useful to you as possible, so don't be shy!

What do YOU think? Please answer the questions below and click on the "send" button to give me your opinions and suggestions. Thank you for your time, and thanks so much for visiting the site.

1.  Should we have announced
the "lost" Dean Koontz pseudonym,
Leonard Chris?

2.  Why or why not?

3.  If I am able to verify other alleged pseudonyms, should I add them to the site?

4.  Why or why not?

5.  What can I do to improve the usefulness of this site?

6.  What is your email address? (optional)

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