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JoJo's World
JoJo's World

I'm back....but will I update? Hmmm... I want to, but the million dollar question is if I'll have enough time...

April 20, 2001

Nothing's new but this page. Sorry. I have so much I want to do for the P/T page more than the others. Keep checking back. I'll try, promise!

Third Watch has been discontinued. Rescue 77 still needs an update, as does Jean and Scott. Darryl and Andy is on hold, and WebAngels isn't going anywhere. There's a new section that I have an idea for, but I'm not saying a word to anyone about it yet. Hehehe.

Paris/Torres ~ Voyager's best couple!

Third Watch ~ Mostly Bobby and Kim. No longer updated.

Imzadi ~ The Next Generation's best couple!

Rescue 77 ~ Everything you ever needed to know!

Jean and Scott - Their Internet Hideaway ~ X-Men Movieverse

All About Me!! ~ Are you feeling brave?

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