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Jake's Bio

PROFILE Name: Jake Lloyd Birthdate: March 5, 1989 Age: 10 years old Parental Units (A.K.A. his parents!): Bill and Lisa Lloyd Siblings: Madison Lloyd (She's 7 years old) Hobbies: video games, bike-riding, and rollerblading. Birthplace: Ft. Collins, USA Present Location: Santa Monica, California (unconfirmed) or New Jersey (unconfirmed) Status: unknown Hair color: dirty blonde Eye color: Medium blue, but I've seen them also in brown and hazel, but I think that was from the poster effect color. Height: Rumor has it Jake is 5'1", which for a 10-year-old is tall, but I can't gaurantee this is true. Pets: One dog named J.J., named after one of Jake's characters in his acting career. Facts From Here and There ---He loves the Star Wars Racer game. ---He does the voice for Anakin on the Star Wars Racer. ---Jake and Samuel L. Jackson were announcing an award at the MTV Movie Awards. Mr. Jackson came out with Jake on his shoulders and they were dressed in a Darth Vader uniform. (And Marilyn Manson had a weird look on his face when he saw them!) ---Jake's 7-year-old sister Madison is a determined ballet-dancer. ---When Jake was 5 years old, he dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween and his mom made his costume. ---Bill Lloyd (Jake's dad) has a goatee. ---Jake's acting agent is Cindy Osbrink. ---He was in the movie "Unhook the Stars" when he was little. In this movie he played Marisa Tomei's son. ---When Jake was 6, he was in "Jingle All the Way" as Arnold Swarzenegger's son. ---Jake was celebrating Nickelodeon's "Big Birthday Bash" (for Nickelodeon's birthday) and he was slimed! ---Is going to be in an upcoming movie entitled 'Madison'. Favorite Game:Episode One PoD Racer Grade:Going to 5th Who He would like to meet: Will Smith You may have seen Jake in 'Jingle All the Way' a couple of years back but, know he's in 'Star Wars: Phantom of the Menace'(Still Out). But, I'd like to Say "Jake is Here to Stay"

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