germination:Discover Here How you can germinate your Seeds the best way.
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Seeds Order Disclaimer


..germination is very important to your seeds ..

We suggest that you read the following very carefully before you start growing your own.

There are various possibilities for the process of germinating.......
Water is essential here, for as soon as the seed has absorbed
a sufficient amount of water, the seedling begins to form its root system.
Next it breaks through its shell.

You can put the seeds in a cup of fresh water,
which you have to refresh daily.
After 2-4 days the seeds will have opened and are ready to plant out.
The best is to do this indoors because of the tempeture.
We prefer this way, because its simple and easy...

- Pre soaking:


Put some moist tissues on a plate.
Put the seeds on top of them and then put a layer of moist tissues on the seeds.
Cover the plate with another upturned plate, so that the seeds are in darkness
and the environment remains moist.

Put the covered seeds in a warm place >[21.c].
Check the seeds everyday, sprinkle the tissues if nesesarry and carefully transplant
the seeds when they open and the tip of the root becomes visible.
Put the seed in a grow medium, like soil, rockwool<(hydro), or coccos soil..<new.,
approximately the size of the seed under the surface(5mm),
Then cover the opening......

- Sowing in the growing medium:

Place the seeds under the surface in the growing medium at  the size of the seed.
Sprinkle the growth medium with water, but make sure that the soil or the rock wool
doesn't become to wet.
Air is very important here, so make sure that the soil remains airy...and
keep the seeds warm...

- Young seedlings:

Never place young seedlings under direct sunlight or just below a 400w. bulb..
And if you want the best for your little girls, give them nutrient water with a low EC value(1.1/1.3),
and add boost to strengthen the root system......

- Growing outside:

Growing outdoors is done the most because it is the easiest.
From April to may the temperature is to low most of the time to
germinated your seeds...
We suggest to germinated indoors, so you have a higher percentage
of your first ladys....
You can move your young seedlings outside begin May/ June,
in the full ground or in large pots.
To get a high yield use big pots.
Make sure the soil has enough nutrients....

Seeds Order Disclaimer

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