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BrUiZeR & CuBa-MaRiE's PlAyHoUsE

Bruizer and Cuba-Marie's Playhouse PlayHouse!
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Welcome to our Playhouse!!! Please wipe your paws on the mat, fluff your fur, and bring your catnip toys and fuzzy mice...we are raring to go!
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Petz, Animalz, & Familiarz!
MY name is Bruizer. I am a 2 year old black and white Domestic Shorthair Feline...which is a big fancy way you humans say ... MUTT! But anyway..I am the MAN around here. Well, I was, till MoM took us to her workplace and had her boss stick me with stingey yellow fluid that made me see pink elephants (what ARE elephants anyways??) and made me sleep. When I awoke, something that was special to me was missing... BUT!...I am still the one in charge of THIS household. I was found in the wild when I was about a week old, so young I couldn't even see my kitty-mom yet. A nice lady at MoM's work bottle fed me yummy stuff, along with my 2 brothers, until I was healthy and rotund. Then my MoM took me home when I started eating "big" kitty food. Which was good, 'cuz I don't think that nice lady would have had enuff..I LOVE to yumm down food! I don't really miss my brothers all that much. The nice lady kept my brother to own her, the one who looks just like me...and another family is owned by my other brother. I have a good life now...all..well, not ALL,hehheh.the yumm-yumm's I can eat, 2 K-9's to harrass, counters to jump upon, and my sister-by-adoption, Cuba-Marie. That's what MoM calls her anyway, I call her things that I don't know exactly how to type on here. She is okay. She doesn't have control over me though. We fight-play a lot, and I always win. MoM has to yell at me sometimes, but thats 'cuz I am the Boss around here!
Okay, okay, have had your turn. Hi, humans. I am Miss Cuba-Marie, the female feline of the house and the pretty one...or so I think. I am a calico Domestic Longhair, which in human terms is comparable to...GORGEOUS. MoM brought me to live here 2 years ago when I was the tender sweet age of 6 months. I was turned in to her work, and forced to live in a stainless steel cage till she had me spayed and brought me home, which was the day they were going to put me down...what IS that? Anyway, I was turned in because I didn't get along with the humans and other feline of the people who I owned for a while, after being given to them. MoM felt bad for me, because I had a bad attitude and had a funny looking eye. See, a K-9 had gotten my face when I was a few weeks old, and when the animal Doctor told the humans to bring me in, so she could fix it, they didn't.By the time MoM was owned by me, the Doctor said it was just too late.So I have this funny looking eye, which is scarred on the inside that I can't see very well out of. And because I can't see, I get very scared of things, and run away, even if someone is holding me. And I don't mean to scratch when I run, I just get scared and have to get away FAST!! Anyway, MoM felt sorry for me and saved me from the "pink stuff" that would make me sleep a long, LONG time. I do like living here. I eat a lot, but not as much as brother Bruizey... he is 11 pounds and I am only 6. But I am petite, and dainty anyway, and thats what makes me more beautiful than HE is...!
*Feral Cats and Protecting Your Pet* Both of these cats came from the feral cat population in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The cat is not native to this area. They were brought over by humans and the overpopulation of these feral cats was brought about during the early years of the Naval Base when families stationed here were evacuated. Some pets escaped, or were abandoned, and many survived hard years in the forests and abandoned buildings. When the families were brought back to the base to live and carry out their tours of duty, the people found the cats overrunning the area, and the Veterinary clinic started a feral cat adoption program, in which the young kittens, and more tame of the older felines, were found homes. The Veterinary clinic tests all cats brought in for FelV, a disease comparable to human leukemia, and FiV, comparable to human AIDs. 3 out of 5 cats this year have these viruses. 3 out of those 5 were put down, due to the lack of cure for these devestating diseases. There is no cure for either, and only FelV has a vaccination at this time, which, as with any vaccination, is not a guaranteed prevention of the disease. Strongly recommended is to keep your pets inside, unless supervised, as the viruses are transmitted through bodily fluid, ie. mating, fights and the expulsion of bodily wastes. The residents here in Guantanamo Bay are prohibited from feeding the strays, as bringing them closer to human living spaces is dangerous for pets, humans and the strays. Pets are likely to become infested with the external parasites native here, the flea and tick, along with ringworm, which is very common here due to the environment and high number of hosts in the wild. Internal parasites, which humans mat contract as well, are common, such as tapeworm, coccidia and pinworm. The strays are in danger due to the amount of vehicles in the housing areas and pets that are bigger and stranger than they and from human nature as well. The number of cats is increasing due to the amount of people letting their unsterilized animals outside to roam, in which a male may impregnate as many females in heat as it comes in contact with, and females may have up to 8 kittens per 3-6 months. Please spay and neuter your pets, and also keep them inside to keep them safe from disease. Please do not feed the feral cats here in Guantanamo Bay, as the more healthy cats there are in the wild, the more disease will be spread in the future.
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