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Vampire romance has taken on new heights in the romance industry...most probably the #1 genre to insatiable readers and lovers of paranormal romance. I enjoy these titillating blood-lust tales myself, making them one of my favorite themes. I am proud to own a nice collection of vampire romances. Some are hard-to-find and and considered collector items. On this page you will find book titles, links to author websites, and on occassion I will review new releases. I have also started promoting e-books which are most often be aware. Thanks for visiting and be careful of the dripping blood!

Avon © Aug '05
ISBN# 0-06-075196-7

Roman Draganesti is a modern day vampire with a successful company and while testing a new product for Romatech he loses a fang and seeks a dentist opened all night. He finds Shanna Whelan, a dentist, and a human woman that he is instantly attracted to but finds her as stubborn as she is mysterious.

Roman must have his fang repaired and Shanna needs his help as well. After having witnessed a Russian mafia murder she was placed in the witness protection program but now after an attempt on her life Roman takes her under his protection and he is determined to protect her from the foe that has been a threat to the vampire community for too many years.

Roman and Shanna share a strong attraction but once she discovers his fangs are real, and he is a vampire, her affection for him is tested. Fangs and will she deal with that?

How to marry a millionaire vampire? Well, if he is as sexy, gorgeous, passionate, and okay.... rich as Roman Draganesti then I say ASAP. Congrats to Kerrelyn Sparks for her fun and sexy tale. How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire gave me all that I've come to enjoy from this particular paranormal genre...and then some. She is a fresh new voice in vampire romance that readers will surely flock to when her books hit the store shelves. Her world of vamps have me hooked!!

Kerrelyn Sparks

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" I can smell your essence and taste your soul..."
"Every black rose has its thorns but some will draw blood and become more beautiful."

Caridad Piñeiro...The Calling
Danger Calls (SIM)
Darkness Calls (SIM)
Temptation Calls (SIM 10/05)

Amanda Ashley...LoveSpell
Embrace the Night
Deeper than the Night
Sunlight Moonlight
A Darker Dream
Shades of Gray
Midnight Embrace
After Sundown
A Whisper of Eternity
Night's Kiss

Shannon Drake...Kensington
Beneath a Blood Red Moon
When Darkness Falls
Deep Midnight
Realm of Shadows
The Awakening

Nancy Gideon...Pinnacle
Midnight Kiss
Midnight Temptation
Midnight Surrender

Nancy Gideon from ImaJinn Romance:
Midnight Enchantment (Midnight Series #4)
Midnight Gamble (Midnight Series #5)
Midnight Redeemer (Midnight Series #6)
Midnight Shadows (Midnight Series #7)
Midnight Masquerade (Midnight Series #8)

Lori Herter...Berkley

Cheryln Jac...Pinnacle
Night's Immortal Kiss
Night's Immortal Touch

Linda Lael Miller...Berkley
Forever and the Night
For All Eternity
Time Without End
Tonight and Always

Debbie Raleigh...Kensington
My Lord Vampire
My Lord Eternity
My Lord Immortality

Lynsay Sands...The Family Argeneau (Dorchester)
Single White Vampire
Love Bites
Tall, Dark, and Hungry
A Quick Bite (Avon 11/05)

Maggie Shayne...Wings in the Night
Twilight Phantasies (Silh Shadow #18)
Twilight Memories (Silh Shadow #30)
Twilight Illusions (Silh Shadow #47)
Brides of the Night (SIM)
Born in Twilight (Mira)
Embrace the Twilight (Mira)
Twilight Hunger (Mira)
Two by Twilight ( story)
More titles to add soon!

Christine Feehan...Lovespell
Dark Prince
Dark Desire
Dark Gold
Dark Magic
Dark Challenge
Dark Fire
Dark Legend
Dark Guardian
Dark Symphony (Jove)
The Only One (Dark Descent)
Dark Melody
Dark Destiny
Hotblooded (Dark Hunger)
Dark Secret (Jove)

They are Mad, Bad...And Immortal

Crimson Kiss - Trisha Baker
Crimson Nights - Trisha Baker
Crimson Shadows - Trisha Baker
Master of Ecstasy - Nina Bangs (Love Spell)
Night Bites - Nina Bangs (Love Spell)
Wicked Nights - Nina Bangs (Berkley)
My Demon's Kiss - Lucy Blue (Pocket)
My Demon's Knight - Lucy Blue (Pocket 1/06)
Embracing Darkness - Margaret Carter (SIM)
Redemption - Annee Cartier (Pinnacle)
Prince of the Night - Jasmine Cresswell (Topaz)
Undead and Unappreciated - Mary Janice Davidson (Berkley)
Undead and Unemployed - Mary Janice Davidson (Berkley)
Undead and Unwed - Mary Janice Davidson (Berkley)
Sinful Secrets - Thea Devine (Zebra)
Out of the Darkness - Lynn Erickson (Harl Superromance)
Fallen Angels/Ryan's Heart - Cindy Gengler (Gardenia Press)
Dark Enchantment - Karen Harbaugh (Bantam Dell)
Night Fires - Karen Harbaugh (Bantam Dell)
The Vampire Viscount - Karen Harbaugh (Signet Regency)
Dark Rapture - Michele Hauf (Zebra)
Courting Midnight - Emma Holly (Berkley 10/05)
A Deeper Hunger - Sabine Kells (Leisure)
Master of the Night - Angela Knight (Berkley)
The Forever Kiss - Angela Knight (Red Sage)
Prince of Dreams - Susan Krinard (Bantam)
Rapture in Moonlight - Rosemary Laurey (Avid Press)
Walk in Moonlight - Rosemary Laurey (Avid Press)
Fangs for the Memories - Kathy Love (Kensington 9/05)
A Girl's Guide to Vampires - Katie MacAlister (Dorchester)
Sex and the Single Vampire - Katie MacAlister (Dorchester)
Sex, Lies and Vampires - Katie MacAlister
Waltz with a Vampire - Maggie MacKeever (Kensington 9/05)
Nightwing - Lynn Michaels (Harl Temptation)
Prince Eternal: Sacred Soul - Monique Mucia
Good Night, My Love - Jeanne Rose (Silh Shadow)
Beyond the Pale - Savannah Russe (Signet)
The Treylayne Inheritance - Colleen Shannon (Dorchester)
I Burn For You - Susan Sizemore (Pocket)
I Hunger For You - Susan Sizemore (Pocket)
I Thirst For You - Susan Sizemore (Pocket)
How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire - Kerrelyn Sparks (Avon)
Sacrament - Susan Squires (Dorchester)
The Companion - Susan Squires (St Martins)
The Hunger - Susan Squires (St Martins 10/05)
Love Bites - Margaret St George (Harl American)
Dark Obsession - Amanda Stevens (Silh Shadow)
The Perfect Kiss - Amanda Stevens (Silh Shadow)
Hunter's Moon - Dawn Stewardson (Harl Intrigue)
If Angels Burn - Lynn Viehl (Signet)
Private Demon - Lynn Viehl (Signet 12/05)
The Remarkable Miss Frankenstein - Minda Webber (Dorchester)
Midnight Kiss - Rebecca York (Harl Intrigue)

After Midnight

After Twilight



Descendants of Darkness
Marianne Lacroix

Highland Vampire
Howell/Basso/Raleigh (9/05)

His Eternal Kiss

His Immortal Embrace

Immortal Bad Boys

Lords of the Night


Strangers in the Night

The Eternal Highlander

"Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).
This Anfy animation is inspired by a music video by the Backstreet Boys (title listed up above). In the video each of the five guys of the group are a different monster and the video takes place in an old house. The monsters are a werewolf, Phantom of the Opera, the Mummy, Dr Jekyll and a vampire. Howie D is the Latin singer of the group and I recall his portrayal of a vampire in this video nominated him as one of the sexiest vampires in a role. Joseph Kahn is the talented director of the video. He and the guys made this video into a fantastic mini movie with awesome special effects. If you are interested in seeing the video I believe you can view it on highly recommend it for the paranormal aspect and I like the song too!

Thanks to KJ and Raven for the Vampire Postcard creation!

Elisa Adams
Denise Agnew
Erin Aislinn
Amanda Ashley
Nina Bangs
Lucy Blue
Jaci Burton
Rachel Carrington
Dakota Cassidy
Jasmine Cresswell
Delphyne Derouge
Delilah Devlin
Christine Feehan
Nancy Gideon
Laurel K. Hamilton
Michele Hauf
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Angela Knight
Marianne LaCroix
Ashley Ladd
Marilyn Lee
Katie Macalister
Linda Lael Miller
Sally Painter
Caridad Piñeiro
Maggie Shayne
Susan Sizemore
Kerrelyn Sparks
Jordan Summers
Lynn Viel

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A Love to Last Forever

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