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Special Causes!!

Support Freedom!
Support Freedom

God bless all the lives touched
by the attacks on Sept 11, 2001

This page is to share some things that are very special to me. Things that are near & dear to my heart! Some are special causes that hopefully not only a female could relate to. I hope any & all of us as human beings would be compassionate to the causes listed on this page.

Breast Cancer Awareness is a VERY SPECIAL cause to me. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. I have created a special page for Beth!

Something I feel very passionate about is Selena. I feel her tragic death was so unnecessary and I wanted to create a page in tribute of her. I hope you visit that page (click on the rose) and read it with your heart.

Remember The Innocent
Columbine High School ~ April 20, 1999 ~ Remember

To see other awards I have won click here!

This dove represents our prayers for a cure of cancer!

Stop Violence Against Women

Donate blood...a precious act of kindness!!!

Tie One On For Safety