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Welcome to my new personal page. I love sunflowers so I am very pleased with the graphics. Besides being a devoted romance reader of nearly 20 years, I am a mother of three children. My oldest daughter Leia will graduate from Florida State University in May '04 and go on to graduate school. My son Chastin is employed at Walmart but is making plans to go to college in the fall. Michelle is my youngest daughter, she is nearly 16 and with time flying by my nest will soon be empty when she decides what life has to offer her. All my children are very smart and I love them very much.

I am employed as a sewing machine operator that makes uniform tops and athletic wear. It is very hard work to sew all day and do it well enough to make production but I more than meet my quota. I am also an aspiring author. I have wrote three romance stories but would only consider sharing the third one with other readers. And recently I am trying my hand at writing for e-book publishers. Wish me luck!

My other interests are watching movies and working on my websites. I also love to listen to music. My fave country singer is Aaron Tippin whom I have seen in concert six times and met backstage. He is a terrific guy and a fantastic performer.

Well, thank you for visiting my personal page and happy reading!