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Paranormal romance is one of my favorite genres. These books take you away from the ordinary which is sometimes what a romance reader needs. I believe paranormal romance is finally making it's mark in the romance industry....which is fantastic!!

If you are new to paranormal romance, you may not know of all the different themes there actually are so therefore that is why I have created this section on my site. But I must admit that I have not read many futuristics and only a small amount of time travels. My favorite paranormal theme is vampire and I have a fantastic page devoted to my collection of those books with lots of great things to see but beware of the dripping blood.

For all the other themes I am going to rely on paranormal readers online to help me create the booklists for the individual pages. If you know of some paranormal books that you highly recommend for other readers then please send me the titles and I will gladly list them on the page they belong on.

Below are images for the most popular paranormal themes such as ghost, time travel, futuristic, wolves, etc.... If you do not see an image for a certain theme such as witch, angel, fairy, genie, shapeshifters or any other, then they will fall under the 'other paranormal' category and the fairy image is the link for that page. All the links are active and will take you to the themed pages by clicking on the images and I think the images are self explanatory. On each of the pages you will find a back button which will always bring you back to this page.

There are also links to other interesting paranormal sites in the lower portion of this page that are great places for a paranormal fan to check out. If you know of a great site that is not on the link list, then please let me know about it and I will gladly add it to the paranormal links. Please feel free to email me and let me know how you liked this section of my site. Take extra care when reading the paranormal!!!

Wolf Romance    

Ghost Romance

    Vampire Romance 

Futuristic Romance


Time Travel Romance


 Witch, Druid, Elves, and More

Themed pages will be updated soon!

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