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I love military romance and with the war going on this page is even more special to me. As an avid romance reader and a proud American, this page is from my heart! I hope each author and reader that visits will be touched. As I searched the Net for graphics to create this page I was moved by the patriotic pride I found online from my fellow Americans. We truly live in a wonderful country!!

There are so many fantastic authors that write romances with a military theme. Catherine Mann is a new sensation with her "WINGMEN WARRIORS"...I highly recommend her books! And let's not forget our already established authors that are well known in the world of military romance such as Suzanne Brockmann and Lindsay McKenna. To all our authors, keep writing those great books and may God bless you!!

Aug '05 Harlequin
ISBN: 0373197810

U.S. Marine Nathaniel Dole is injured in action and comes back to his small hometown of Mercy for an extended leave from the service. Before long he is "recruited" as an aide to help out in Jenny Wright's third grade classroom. Nate had never forgotten his high school sweetheart and longs for them to be together again but Jenny has not forgotten the way he had hurt her nine years ago by leaving her and devoting his life to the military instead of her.

Jenny's unconventional teaching methods has the school board breathing down her neck and brings Nate back into her life but she knows it will not be for long. She believes Nate will be gone as soon as he recovers from his knee injury. Nate knows differently and wants her back...this time for keeps.

It's hard to believe this is the first Shirley Jump book I've read and I can honestly say it will definitely not be the last. The Marine's Kiss is a wonderful romantic story with strong main characters that a reader can easily relate to with mishaps and antics from a room full of nine year olds that are as humorous as real life can truly be. What a great read...with a home-is-where-the-heart-is feel that has to touch a true romantic at me!!

Shirley Jump

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May God be with them and bring them home safely!

Send an American Greetings to our troops!

Catherine Mann

Stop by Harlequin's website to read Catherine's online serial RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, story of Captain Ray "Gator" Perez & 1st Lt. Megan Reed

Candace Irvin

Lindsay McKenna

Ingrid Weaver


Please feel free to send me other recommended titles to add to the list!

Suzanne Brockmann's Tall, Dark and Dangerous Navy SEALs
Many military romances (Silhouette Desires) by Maureen Child
Lindsay McKenna's Morgan's Mercenaries
Merline Lovelace's MIRA & Penguin releases
Kiss and Tell - Cherry Adair (Ivy 9/00)
Unexpected Marriage - Anna Adams (HSR 11/01)
Hers To Take - Karen Anders (HT 9/03)
Getting Lucky - Susan Anderson (Avon 2/03)
A Captain's Honor - Elizabeth Ashtree (HSR 10/02)
An Officer and a Hero - Elizabeth Ashtree (HSR 3/99)
Into Thin Air - Elizabeth Ashtree (HSR 3/05)
The Colonel and the Kid - Elizabeth Ashtree (HSR 1/02)
The Major and the Librarian - Nikki Benjamin (SSE 2/99)
Hart's Last Stand - Cheryl Biggs (SIM 4/01)
Midway Between You and Me - Rogenna Brewer (HSR 7/02)
Sign, SEAL, Deliver - Rogenna Brewer (HSR 4/01)
SEAL It With A Kiss - Rogenna Brewer (HSR 4/99)
Into the Night - Suzanne Brockmann (Ivy 11/02)
Out of Control - Suzanne Brockmann (Ivy 2/02)
Over the Edge - Suzanne Brockmann (Ivy 8/01)
The Defiant Hero - Suzanne Brockmann (Ivy 2/01)
The Unsung Hero - Suzanne Brockmann (Ivy 6/00)
Peacekeeper - Marisa Carroll (HSR 8/95)
The Major Comes to Texas - KN Casper (HSR 5/00)
An Officer and a Princess - Carla Cassidy (SR 6/01)
Beauty & the Blue Angel - Maureen Child (SD 6/03)
Man Beneath The Uniform - Maureen Child (SD 2/04)
Major Daddy - Cara Colter (SR 3/04)
The Top Gun's Return - Kathleen Creighton (SIM 12/03)
Behind Enemy Lines - Cindy Dees (SIM 9/02)
Her Secret Agent Man - Cindy Dees (SIM 3/05)
Line of Fire - Cindy Dees (SIM 10/03)
Fleet Hospital - Anne Marie Duquette (HSR 4/02)
The Wedding Dress - Virginia Ellis (Ballantine 5/02)
The Colonel's Daughter - Rita Clay Estrada (HT 1/94)
Out of Uniform - Amy J. Fetzer (SD 2/05)
The SEAL's Surprise Baby - Amy J. Fetzer (SD 10/02)
Daughter of the Dawn - Christine Flynn (SIM 12/93)
Marching Orders - Dolores Fossen (HI 3/03)
Major Attraction - Roz Denny Fox (HSR 6/95)
Sgt. Billy's Bride - Bonnie Gardner (HAR 2/02)
The Sergeant's Secret Son - Bonnie Gardner (HAR 2/03)
Uncle Sarge - Bonnie Gardner (HAR 5/01)
True Honor - Dee Henderson (Multnomah 9/02)
True Devotion - Dee Henderson (Multnomah 6/00)
True Valor - Dee Henderson (Multnomah 2/02)
Acts of Honour - Vicki Hinze (St Martins 12/99)
All Due Respect - Vicki Hinze (St Martins 10/00)
Duplicity - Vicki Hinze (St Martins 14/99)
Shades of Grey - Vicki Hinze (St Martins 7/98)
Mackenzie's Mission - Linda Howard (SIM 9/92)
Mackenzie's Pleasure - Linda Howard (SIM 2/96)
Every Move You Make - Bobbie Hutchinson (HSR 5/95)
A Dangerous Engagement - Candace Irvin (SIM 10/03)
In Close Quarters - Candace Irvin (SIM 5/01)
For His Eyes Only - Candace Irvin (SIM 6/99)
He's My Soldier Boy - Lisa Jackson (SSE 2/94)
The Christmas Groom - Deb Kastner (Steeple Hill 12/02)
Carried Away - Donna Kauffman (HT 4/02)
Enslaved - Susan Kearney (HB 2/02)
A Soldier's Heart -Kathleen Korbel (SIM 11/94)
Daddy in Dress Blues - Cathie Linz (SR 9/00)
Her Millionaire Marine - Cathie Linz (SR 5/04)
Married to a Marine - Cathie Linz (SR 9/02)
Sleeping Beauty and the Marine - Cathie Linz (SR 1/03)
Stranded With the Sergeant - Cathie Linz (SR 8/01)
The Marine and the Princess - Cathie Linz (SR 12/01)
The Marine Meets his Match - Cathie Linz (SR 9/04)
After Midnight - Merline Lovelace (Signet 2/03)
Full Throttle - Merline Lovelace (SD 2/04)
Hot As Ice - Merline Lovelace (SIM 2/02)
Somewhere in Time - Merline Lovelace (SIM 9/96)
The Right Stuff - Merline Lovelace (SIM 3/04)
Wrong Bride, Right Groom - Merline Lovelace (SD 11/96)
The Black Knight's Bride - Myrna Mackenzie (SR 6/04)
Navy Wife - Debbie Macomber (SSE 12/88)
Navy Blues - Debbie Macomber (SSE 4/89)
Navy Brat - Debbie Macomber (SSE 4/91)
Navy Woman - Debbie Macomber (SSE 7/91)
Navy Baby - Debbie Macomber (SSE 10/91)
Anything, Anywhere, Anytime - Catherine Mann (ST 3/04)
Code of Honor - Catherine Mann (ST 8/05)
Pursued - Catherine Mann (SBO 11/04)
Tough as Nails - Jackie Manning (HI 4/03)
Camouflage Heart - Dana Marton (HI 10/05)
Secret Soldier - Dana Marton (HI 1/05)
Shadow Soldier - Dana Marton (HI 10/04)
Friend, Lover, Protector - Sharon Mignerey (SIM 5/02)
Too Close for Comfort - Sharon Mignerey (SIM 8/01)
Commander's Little Surprise - Mollie Molay (HAR 1/03)
The Duchess & Her Bodyguard - Mollie Molay (HAR 9/02)
Finally a Father - Marilyn Pappano (SIM 1/94)
Broken Honor - Patricia Potter (Jove 1/02)
Little Darlin' - Cheryl Reavis (SSE 6/98)
The Long Way Home - Cheryl Reavis (SSE 5/99)
The Older Woman - Cheryl Reavis (SSE 1/02)
Going Overboard - Christina Skye (Dell 4/01)
Hot Pursuit - Christina Skye (Dell 2/03)
My Spy - Christina Skye (Dell 1/02)
Big Luke, Little Luke - Dawn Stewardson (HSR 7/95)
Down to the Wire - Lyn Stone (SIM 3/04)
The Devlin Dare - Cathy Gillen Thacker (HAR 9/86)
Aim for the Heart - Ingrid Weaver (SIM 11/03)
Eye of the Beholder - Ingrid Weaver (SIM 2/03)
Seven Days to Forever - Ingrid Weaver (SIM 4/03)
Under the King's Command -Ingrid Weaver (SIM 11/02)
What the Baby Knew - Ingrid Weaver (SIM 7/99)
Standing Bear's Surrender - Peggy Webb (SSE 3/01)
Rules of Engagement - Bonnie K. Winn (FSR 10/05)

Anthologies titles coming soon!

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