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What kind of hero is your favorite? A suave Italian, a forceful Greek, a Spanish bullfighter or an Arabian sheikh? All of the above? Most foreign heroes are very possessive and dominate, but this gives more excitement to the story. And these heroes are usually the ones that give in to their love much more powerfully than other heroes. There are several nationalities listed on this page. All the titles listed are books I have read, and enjoyed, myself. I found the heroes in these books to be very memorable for me. If you are searching for great books to read with foreign heroes then the books listed below are some of the best. Enjoy your reading!!

ISBN: 0373274386
May '05

Sheik David Rashid is a powerful, wealthy industrialist, and a single father of a fragile six-year-old daughter who has not spoken a word since she witnessed the tragic drowning death of her mother at sea.

When a terrible storm washes a beautiful woman to shore on his secluded Red Sea island, David's life is thrown into turmoil. The mysterious woman suffers from amnesia and instantly bonds with his child, Kamilah, whom begins to speak after a silence of two years. And in David, she brings to life passion he thought had died with his wife.

As the woman recuperates in David's palace she begins to fall hopelessly for the sexy Arabian. But as her memory returns she discovers she is a British spy working uncover to reveal the person supplying oil and finances to a terrorist group. By the time she recalls who her assignment is she is in love and in serious danger.

Wow! I have read many books with foreign settings and they don't get much better than The Sheik Who Loved Me. This story would make an awesome movie. It's extremely well-plotted, with fascinating characters, an exciting locale, captivating intrigue, breathless passion, and endearing romance. The hero is incredibly heroic as a lover, a father, a son, and a brother. If you enjoy intriguing romance with depth and emotion then I highly recommend this story. It will take you away into another world!

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Nick Petrillo...Stop the Wedding!-Trisha Alexander (SSE)
Marco Daretta...The Ideal Father-Rosalie Ash (HR)
Mitch DeSalvo...The Last Real Man-Rebecca Flanders (HAR)
Vito Bascone...Drive, She Said-Sandy Fraser (Precious Gem)
Demetrio Corelli...Married in Haste-Lucy Gordon (SD)
Carlo Valetti...On His Honor-Lucy Gordon (SD)
Cesare Falcone...A Savage Betrayal-Lynne Graham (HP)
Damiano Braganzi...Damiano's Return-Lynne Graham (HP)
Luc Santini...Tempestuous Reunion-Lynne Graham (HP)
Alex Veranchetti...The Veranchetti Marriage-Lynne Graham (HP)
Vincenzo Petruzzi...A Roman Marriage-Stephanie Howard (HR)
Luc Salvatore...Who's Holding the Baby?-Day Leclaire (HR)
Antonio Scarlatti...The Blackmailed Bridegroom-Miranda Lee (HP)
Nicolo Sabatini...Roman Spring-Sandra Marton (HP)
Allessandro Vellenti...The Perfect Target-Jenna Mills (SIM)
Marcus di Medici...The di Medici Bride-Heather Graham Pozzessere (SIM)
Cesar DeSanquez...The Morning After-Michelle Reid (HP)
Jackson Ward/half Italian/half Irish...Beneath the Silk-Wendy Rosnau (SIM)
Joey Masado...One Way Out-Wendy Rosnau (SIM)
Luca Provere...Second Best Wife-Rebecca Winters (HR)

Niculoso Menendez/Spaniard...At the Spaniard's Pleasure-Jacqueline Baird (HP)
Nick Romero/Mexican...Paladin's Woman-Beverly Barton (SIM)
Miquel Santanas...The Marriage Arrangement-Helen Bianchin (HP)
Cruz Martinez/Mexican...An Irresistible Man-Kylie Brant (SIM)
Felipe Salazar/Mexican...A Man to Die For-Suzanne Brockman (SIM)
Diego Duran/Mexican...Wedding Fever-Susan Crosby (SD)
Chino Delgado/Mexican...Some Like it Hotter-Roz Denny (HR)
Luis Alarcon/Cuban...Long-Lost Wife?-Barbara Faith (SIM)
Ricardo Montoya/Mexican...The Matador-Barbara Faith (SIM)
Cesar Valverde/Spaniard...The Spanish Groom-Lynne Graham (HP)
Tomas Juan Vasquez/Mexican...In Close Quarters-Candace Irvin (SIM)
Tonio Cruz/Mexican...Dreams of Evening-Kristin James (SIM)
Ruy de Silvadores/Spaniard...The Caged Tiger-Penny Jordan (HP)
Alex Cordera/Cuban...Heat of the Moment-Joanna Marks (SIM)
Miguel Santiago/Mexican...The Right Moves-Sharon Mayne (HT)
Ruben Salazar/Mexican...Red Hot-Catherine Palmer (SIM)
Rafael Contreras/Mexican...Within Reach-Marilyn Pappano (SIM)
Lucio Cruz/Half Argentian-half Indian...The Latin Lover's Secret Child-Jane Porter (HP)
Luiz Vazquez/Spaniard...The Spanish Husband-Michelle Reid (HP)
Rafael Castillo/Mexican...Stranger by her Side-Susan Sizemore (SIM)
Estaban Rodriguez/Spaniard...Yesterday's Enemy-Lee Stafford (HR)
Rafael de Quiros/Spaniard...The Spanish Connection-Kay Thorpe (HP)
Ric Martinez/Mexican...Personal Protector-Debra Webb (HI)
Rio Delgado/Mexican...Whisper My Name-Gayle Wilson (HI)
Rodrigo Esteband Diaz/Spaniard...Bride of Diaz-Patricia Wilson (HR)
Elias Santiago/Mexican...Meant to be Married-Ruth Wind (SSE)
Alejandro Sosa/Mexican...Rio Grande Wedding-Ruth Wind (SIM)

Leo Kozakis...Gamble On Passion-Jacqueline Baird (HP)
Alex Petrides...Love's Awakening-Rachel Ford (HR)
Dio Alexiakis...Expectant Bride-Lynne Graham (HP)
ConstantineVoulos...The Secret Wife-Lynne Graham (HP)
Nik Andreakis...The Unfaithful Wife-Lynne Graham (HP)
Leo Demetrios...The Winter Bride-Lynne Graham (HP)
Alex Thiarchos...A Secret Rebellion-Anne Mather (HP)
Nicholas Andracas...A Past Revenge-Carole Mortimer (HP)
Leon Stephanades...Passion Becomes You-Michelle Reid (HP)
Alexander Doumas...The Price of a Bride-Michelle Reid (HP)

Khalid Rajhi...Man for Hire-Parris Afton Bonds (SIM)
Omar Al Abdar...Promised to a Sheik-Carla Cassidy (LSCC)
Sharif al Kadar...The Sheikh's Revenge-Emma Darcy (HP)
Kumar Ben Ari...Desert Man-Barbara Faith (SIM)
Raj Hasir...Flower of the Desert-Barbara Faith (SIM)
Karim al-Raji...Lion of the Desert-Barbara Faith (SD)
Ali Ben Hari...Lord of the Desert-Barbara Faith (SIM)
Jabir Ibn Abdul al-Shakir...Desire in the Desert-Mary Lyons (HP)
Zayn Haji Haaris...The Sheik and the Vixen-Elizabeth Mayne (SIM)
Raschid Al Kadah...The Mistress Bride-Michelle Reid (HP)
David Rashid...The Sheik Who Loved Me-Loreth Anne White (SIM)
Michael Hassan...The Sheik's Mistress-Brittany Young (SSE)

Liam Knightly/Irish...Come Rain, Come Shine-Shannon Anderson (Precious Gem)
Jared North/Australian...The Pregnancy Proposal-Helen Bianchin (HP)
Blade Lombard/New Zealand...Blade's Lady-Fiona Brand (SIM)
Gray Lombard/New Zealand...Heart of Midnight-Fiona Brand (SIM)
Jake Lockwood/Australian...Renegade Lover-Barbara Bretton (HAR)
Seiji Amundsen/Japenese...Sweet Bride of Revenge-Suzanne Carey (SR)
Stefan Michaelovich/Russian...The Unwilling Bride-Jennifer Greene (SD)
Jacob von Austerand/European Prince...I Married A Prince-Kathryn Jensen (SD)
Jack Falconer/Australian...Marriage at a Price-Miranda Lee (HP)
Aleksandr Berinski/Russian...Groom Wanted-Debbie Macomber (SSE)
Stefano Giorgio Paolo/European Prince...The Bachelor Prince-Debbie Macomber (SR)
Nicolas Rondo/European Duke...The Accidental Princess-Margaret St. George (HAR)
Daniel O'Malley/Irish...One Mom Too Many-Vicki Lewis Thompson (Harl L&L)
Konstantin Rudenko/Russian...The Nutcracker Prince-Rebecca Winters (HR)
Julien Chappelle/French...Three Little Miracles-Rebecca Winters (HR)

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