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Welcome to my fave movies (and actors) page. Next to reading, watching movies is my other entertainment passion. I absolutely love THE MASK OF ZORRO so that is why I chose the graphics for this page. My fave type of movies are romance, of course, but I enjoy other types of movies as well. The movie titles listed on this page are most of the movies that I have in my collection. The titles with an asterick indicate movies I really enjoyed but do not have in my personal movie collection. If you know of other romance movies that were especially enjoyable that are not on my list please feel free to recommend them. I never know what great movies that I may have missed!

The Mask of Zorro

Now, I would like to mention my favorite actors. First and foremost, I adore Antonio Banderas (duh!) and following a very close second is Johnathon Schaech. Even though I have been aware of this gorgeous actor for several years since I first watched HUSH I have just recently started to seek for, and watch, as many of his other movies as possible. I am just amazed at how talented he truly is. He has played several diverse roles and he did a fantastic job on all the movies I have seen to date.

Another actor I have recently became intrigued with is Cristićn de la Fuente. He was a co-star with Sly Stallone in DRIVEN. I love the movie still below. I am aware of this actor's upcoming movies which I will be sure to watch as they are released. Click on the interview link for cool movie facts and pictures.


Cristićn de la Fuente interview

I am thrilled to add Colin Farrell as another fave author. I really enjoyed Phone Booth. It is a fantastic drama about a NY publicist that answers a ringing phone in a booth and it changes his life forever. Although I do not think this movie was intended as a romance I still felt the love the husband had for his wife as her life, and his, were threatened. It's a really good movie.

Another great Colin Farrell movie is SWAT!!

new titles added

10 Things I Hate About You (Heath Ledger)
A Knight's Tale (Heath Ledger)
A Walk to Remember
American Anthem
American Outlaws (Colin Farrell)
Angel Eyes (Jennifer Lopez)*
An Officer & a Gentleman (Richard Gere)
An Original Sin (Antonio Banderas)
Avenging Angelo (Sly Stallone)*
Bed of Roses
Bounce (Ben Affleck)
Bull Durham (Kevin Costner)
Can't Buy Me Love
Center Stage
Chasing Papi
Cocktail (Tom Crusie)
Con Air
Coyote Ugly
Dance With Me
Desperado (Antonio Banderas...action w/romance)
Dirty Dancing (Patrick Swayze)
Dirty Dancing Havana Nights
Eight Seconds
Ever After
Evita (Antonio Banderas)
Finding Graceland (Johnathon Schaech)
First Knight (Richard Gere)
Fools Rush In
George of the Jungle (loved the romance!)
Ghost (Patrick Swayze)
Grease 1 & 2
Heart & Souls
Honey (Jessica Alba)
Houdini (Johnathon Schaech)
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days*
How to Make An American Quilt (Johnathon Schaech)
Hush (Johnathon Schaech...suspense w/romance)
If You Only Knew (Johnathon Schaech)
Inner Space (Dennis Quaid...comedy w/romance)
Jerry Macquire (Tom Crusie)
Just Married
Kate & Leopold
Kickboxer (Jean-Claude Van Damme...action w/romance)
Little Black Book
Little City (Jon Bon Jovi)
Mambo Kings (Antonio Banderas)
Mannequin 1 & 2
Meet the Parents (I just saw the sequel Meet the Fockers in was great!)
Miami Rhapsody (Antonio Banderas)
Milk Money
Moonlight and Valentino (Jon Bon Jovi)*
My Chauffeur
Never Talk To Strangers (Antonio Banderas...sexual thriller)
No Looking Back (Jon Bon Jovi)*
No Mercy (Richard Gere...set in New Orleans)
No Way Out (Kevin Costner)
Paradise (Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith)
Pearl Harbor
Phone Booth (Colin Farrell)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Poison Ivy 2 (Johnathon Schaech)
Pratical Magic
Pretty Woman (Richard Gere)
Princess Diaries 1 & 2
Pure Country
Return To Me
Revenge (Kevin Costner)
Roadhouse (Patrick Swayze)
Save the Last Dance
Simply Irresistible (magical romance!)
Sleepless in Seattle
Someone Like You (Hugh Jackman)
Sweet Home Alabama
That Thing You Do! (Johnathon Schaech)
The Astronaut's Wife (Johnny Depp)
The Big Easy (Dennis Quaid...set in New Orleans)
The Bodyguard (Kevin Costner)
The First 9 1/2 Weeks (set in New Orleans)*
The House of Spirits (Antonio Banderas)
The Leading Man (Jon Bon Jovi)*
The Mask of Zorro (Antonio Banderas)
The Parent Trap (Dennis Quaid)
The Specialist (Sly Stallone...action w/romance)
Tin Cup (Kevin Coster)
Two Much (Antonio Banderas)
Under the Tuscan Sun
Vampires: Los Muertos (Jon Bon Jovi)*
Van Helsing*
Welcome to Woop Woop (Johnathon Schaech)
What A Girl Wants
When A Man Loves A Woman (Andy Garcia)
Where the Heart Is (drama w/ romance)
Wimbledon (tennis romance!)
Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
You've Got Mail

And last but certainly not least....

...Vin Diesel was awesome in xXx!!!

This is my daughter's fave movie and I liked it as well. It is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. We just watched another movie made from a Nicholas Sparks novel called THE was really good!


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