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Welcome to my website!

My John DeSalvo fansite has been online for a few years and judging from the feedback, it has been very popular. For me, it has been a lot of fun. I have met many romance readers that enjoy John's gorgeous covers as much as I do. I have also had a great time corresponding with all the wonderful authors of romance. And I would like to thank each and everyone that have sent me prizes for my monthly contests. You all know who you are!!

I hope everyone that visits will find something to enjoy on my site. There are book reviews, polls, and contests. Plus, I am always looking for more titles to add to the booklists. If you enjoy gorgeous cover art then John has some of the best to see. To begin the journey click on the "NEXT" button below. If you find broken links please let me know. I try to make sure everything is in proper working order at all times but sometimes things change.

Please feel free to sign my guestbook to let me know how you like the new graphic set that was made exclusively for my website from a photo I received from John personally. Thanks for your time & as always, happy reading!

Thanks for visiting!


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