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Most of the people that know me, know I am an aspiring author. Well, I am very pleased to share with readers that I have written my first erotic story. It has been submitted to Amber Quill E-Publishing and I await to hear word from them about it. Now, I am working on the sequel which will be longer with a deeper plot and much hotter sex scenes.

I have written three other stories over the past ten years but they were not erotic. Now that I have written an erotic story I realize I have had this lustful talent inside me just waiting to come out. I truly hope to see my story published so it can be shared with readers that enjoy erotic romances.

When Friends Dare (copyright protected) Story completed and submitted to Amber Quill March 2004
Daring Moves (work in progress) Longer length sequel...and the heat is turned way up!

Some of my co-workers have read "When Friends Dare" and they all loved it. One person online has read it and I actually got a review. It made me feel like a real author.

For a hot, sizzling read "When Friends Dare" by Ms. Benway hits the G-spot. You'll need an ice cold shower before you're done with this well written erotica. This is a story you'll definitely enjoy reading more than once. Keep your eye on Elizabeth Benway because she's HOT!!!

~Sylvia Stanczyk

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