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Indian Romance in Series

The Legend of Dreamcatcher

It is believed that dreams both good and bad float through the air all day and night searching for their destination. While sleeping under a Dreamcatcher, one may feel secure that bad dreams being confused and ill-intentioned get caught in the web to perish with the first light of day, while the good dreams, knowing the right way, easily slip through the center hole, work their way down the web catching all the good energies of the stones and adornment, floating down the feathers and onto the dreamers head. One never need fear bad dreams again while sleeping under a smudged, or blessed dreamcatcher.

May '04 ISBN: 0373765827

Four years ago Ava Thompson left Paradise, Texas, and moved to New York, leaving her Native American lover Jared Redwolf a bitter man. When she comes back home to attend her sister's wedding she hopes to avoid Jared altogether but fate brings them face to face again. Jared is determined to discover the real reason Ava had left him but he is not prepared to learn her secret....she had been pregnant with his child.

Ava knew Jared would never forgive her for keeping their daughter a secret and her guilt tormented her but she could not forget the incredible passion they had shared. She is still in love with Jared and longs to become his woman again but first she must tame his anger and earn his forgiveness. Will Jared's pride keep her from being Redwolf's Woman forever?

Wow, this was an incredible book!! Redwolf's Woman grabs your attention from the beginning and does not let go until the end. Ava and Jared's story is just captivating! Their love has to be written in the stars. And their passion....Mercy is it hot!!! They give new meaning to what happens in a sweat lodge. I would sure love to be Jared Redwolf's woman. Do not miss this book!!

Laura Wright

*underlined titles indicate books I have read*

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Jennifer's Outlaw-Karen Anders (SIM)
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West Texas bride-Madeline Baker (SR)
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A Man without a Haven-Beverly Bird (SIM)
A Man without a Wife-Beverly Bird (SIM)
A Man without Love-Beverly Bird (SIM)
Lone Wolf-Annette Broadrick (SD)
Taylor's Temptation-Suzanne Brockmann (SIM)
Hawk O'Toole's Hostage-Sandra Brown (Lswept)
Lover's Leap-Pamela Browning (HAR)
Sins of the Father-Nina Bruhns (SIM)
Warrior's Bride-Nina Bruhns (SIM)
Love Medicine-Suzanne Carey (SD)
The Bride Price-Suzanne Carey (SR)
A Stranger's Touch-Tori Carrington (Blaze)
Midnight Wishes-Carla Cassidy (HI)
Sunrise Vows-Carla Cassidy (HI)
Sunset Promises-Carla Cassidy (HI)
The Doctor's Pregnant Proposal-Donna Clayton (SR)
The Sheriff's 6 Year Old Secret-Donna Clayton (SR)
Thunder in the Night-Donna Clayton (SR)
The Gentrys: Abby-Linda Conrad (SD)
Rain Dance-Rebecca Daniels (SIM)
Tears of the Shaman-Rebecca Daniels (SIM)
Leader of the Pack-Justine Davis (SIM)
The Marriage Basket-Sharon De Vita (SSE)
A Class Act-Kathleen Eagle (SSE)
But That Was Yesterday-Kathleen Eagle (SIM)
Carved in Stone-Kathleen Eagle (SSE)
Defender-Kathleen Eagle (SIM)
Diamond Willow-Kathleen Eagle (SIM)
For Old Time's Sake-Kathleen Eagle (SSE)
Firecloud-Lynn Erickson (HSR)
Caitlin's Guardian Angel-Marie Ferrarella (SIM)
In Graywolf's Hands-Marie Ferrarella (SIM)
Father and Child Reunion-Christine Flynn (36 HRS)
Night of the Panther-Suzanne Forster (Loveswept)
His Child-Delores Fossen (HI)
Warrior in her Bed-Cathleen Galitz (SD)
A Man from Oklahoma-Lisa Harris (HT)
A Warrior's Mission-Rita Herron (HI)
Mackenzie's Mission-Linda Howard (SIM)
Mackenzie's Mountain-Linda Howard (SIM)
Mackenzie's Pleasure-Linda Howard (SIM)
The Price of Honor-Janis Reams Hudson (SSE)
C is for Cowboy-Lisa Jackson (SSE)
A Wolf in the Desert-BJ James (SD)
Moon Shadow-Janice Kaiser (SD)
Against the Odds-Donna Kauffman (Blaze)
Once Burned-Karen Keast (SSE)
Once a Wife-Patricia Keelyn (HSR)
Golden Firestorm-Anne Lacey (SSE)
Cherokee Thunder-Rachel Lee (SIM)
Ironheart-Rachel Lee (SIM)
Gabriel's Gift-Cait London (SD)
Hasty Wedding-Debbie Macomber (SSE)
A Cowboy's Promise-Anne McAllister (SD)
Gifts of the Spirit-Anne McAllister (HAR)
Blackhawk's Sweet Revenge-Barbara McCauley (SD)
Fortune's Secret Daughter-Barbara McCauley (SD)
In Blackhawk's Bed-Barbara MCCauley (SD)
Taming Blackhawk-Barbara McCauley (SD)
That Blackhawk Bride-Barbara McCauley (SD)
Whitehorn's Woman-Barbara McCauley (SD)
Whitewolf-Lindsay McKenna (SSE)
Beloved Wolf-Kasey Michaels (The Coltons)
Panther on the Prowl-Nancy Morse (SIM)
Sacred Places-Nancy Morse (SIM)
The Mom Who Came to Stay-Nancy Morse (SIM)
Navajo Nights-Vella Munn (SS)
The Man from Forever-Vella Munn (SIM)
Bring on the Night-Sara Orwig (SIM)
Galahad in Blue Jeans-Sara Orwig (SIM)
The Cowboy's Seductive Proposal-Sara Orwig (SD)
Warrior's Woman-Laurie Paige (SSE)
Apache Dream Bride-Joan Elliot Pickart (SD)
Her Guardian Agent-Terese Ramin (SIM)
Meggie's Baby-Cheryl Reavis (SSE)
Mother To Be-Cheryl Reavis (SSE)
One of Our Own-Cheryl Reavis (SSE)
Tenderly-Cheryl Reavis (SSE)
Badlands Bad Boy-Maggie Shayne (SIM)
Stormwalker-Dallas Schulze (SSE)
The Cherokee Trilogy: Tempting the Wolf-Deborah Smith (Lswept)
Her Tycoon Boss-Karen Rose Smith (SR)
Honor Bound-Erin St. Clair (SIM)
Cloud Dancer-Laura Taylor (Loveswept)
A Father's Vow-Myrna Temte (SSE)
Sleeping with the Enemy-Myrna Temte (Montana Maverick)
Renegade Father-Raeanne Thayne (SIM)
Hero in Disguise-Vicki Lewis Thompson (Hometown Reunion)
Black Raven's Pride-Aimee Thurlo (HI)
Breach of Faith-Aimee Thurlo (HI)
Christmas Wishes-Aimee Thurlo (HI)
Her Destiny-Aimee Thurlo (HI)
Her Hero-Aimee Thurlo (HI)
Her Shadow-Aimee Thurlo (HI)
Redhawk's Heart-Aimee Thurlo (HI)
Redhawk's Return-Aimee Thurlo (HI)
Spirit Warrior-Aimee Thurlo (HI)
Timewalker-Aimee Thurlo (HI)
Wild Mustang-Jane Toombs (SSE)
The Wedding Knot-Pamela Toth (SSE)
A Warrior's Vow-Marilyn Tracy (SIM)
Nighthawk's Child-Linda Turner (Montana Maverick)
Longwalker's Child-Debra Webb (HAR)
Gray Wolf's Woman-Peggy Webb (SSE)
Standing Bear's Surrender-Peggy Webb (SSE)
Summerhawk-Peggy Webb (SSE)
The Secret Life of Elizabeth McCade-Peggy Webb (Lswept)
Warrior's Embrace-Peggy Webb (SSE)
A Kept Woman-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Cherokee-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Cherokee Baby-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Cherokee Dad-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Cherokee Marriage Dare-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Cherokee Stranger-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Cheyenne Dad-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Comanche Vow-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Jesse Hawk: Brave Father-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Lone Wolf-Sheri Whitefeather (Lone Star Country Club)
Night Wind's Woman-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Skyler Hawk: Lone Brave-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Tycoon Warrior-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Warrior's Baby-Sheri Whitefeather (SD)
Rainsinger-Ruth Wind (SSE)
Walk in Beauty-Ruth Wind (SSE)
Redwolf's Woman-Laura Wright (SD)
Braveheart-Brittany Young (SSE)

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