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Art work from
"An Original Sin" by Nina Bangs

Welcome to my special page devoted to Scottish Romance. It was inspired by Donna Kauffman's The Legend was a fantastic book that I enjoyed very much. I am actively collecting more Scottish Romances but I can not read them as fast as I get them. Needless to say, my to-be-read pile is quite a challenge. However, I do not have all the titles listed on this page. They are a combination of titles that I own and/or have been recommended to me. If you know of titles to add feel free to send via email.

Ellora's Cave Apr '05

Jeanne McBen is a scientist and has discovered the cure for a dangerous plague that will destroy the next generation. Then her boss steals her antiserum and kidnaps her brother to force Jeanne to hand over the disc that will give him control of the Next Gen cure. Jeanne is desperate to save her brother and stop the madman's evil plan. When she meets Mael MacRaigl, she is unsure if she can trust the sexy highlander but she must follow his instructions if she wants to save her brother and the world.

Mael MacRaigl has lived without his true love for 755 years. Now, he has found a way to be with her again but Jeanne doesn't remember him. He sends her back to 1250 AD hoping she will rediscover the passion and endearing love they shared so long ago. In the end they are given a second chance but will the love from centuries past be recognized and bring them together at long last?

Sally Painter has created a timeless master piece with All I Want. Her writing style is creative and fresh, her story well-plotted and captivating. I was totally absorbed with the characters and time period of historical Scotland. Now, let's talk about was incredibly satisfying. And I must say All I Want dishes up one of the sexiest Scottish heroes ever. A couple of sex scenes will stay with me will the story. Great book!!

Sally Painter

As I searched the Net for graphics to make this page I came across this awesome photo. Even without a face, it reminded me of Duncan MacKinnon in Donna Kauffman's book. It is so sexy I had to display it on the page. I hope you enjoy your visit here. Happy reading!

An Original Sin - Nina Bangs
Master of Ecstasy - Nina Bangs
One Lucky Lord - Kim Bennet
Beloved Highlander - Sara Bennett
Highland Bride - Janet Bieber
A Man in a Kilt - Sandy Blair
A Rogue in a Kilt - Sandy Blair
His Stolen Bride - Shelley Bradley
Destiny's Daughter - Rebecca Brandewyne
Forever My Love - Rebecca Brandewyne
A Love Through Time - Terri Brisbin
A Matter of Time - Terri Brisbin
Once Forbidden - Terri Brisbin
The Passionate One - Connie Brockway
The Ravishing One - - Connie Brockway
The Reckless One - Connie Brockway
Highland Hearts - Virginia Brown
A Rogue's Heart - Debra Lee Brown
Ice Maiden - Debra Lee Brown
The Mackintosh Bride - Debra Lee Brown
The Virgin Spring - Debra Lee Brown
Wild Highland Rose - Christine Cameron
Midnight Honor - Marsha Canham
The Blood of Roses - Marsha Canham
The Pride of Lions - Marsha Canham
Highland Desire - Joyce Carlow
Highland Flame - Joyce Carlow
Highland Fire - Joyce Carlow
Charming the Highlander - Janet Chapman
Loving the Highlander - Janet Chapman
Only with a Highlander - Janet Chapman (coming 9/05)
Tempting the Highlander - Janet Chapman
Wedding the Highlander - Janet Chapman
Let Me Be Your Hero - Elaine Coffman
The Highlander - Elaine Coffman
If You Dare - Kresley Cole
The Duke - Catherine Coulter
The Heiress Bride - Catherine Coulter
The Scottish Bride - Catherine Coulter
The Reiver's Woman - Catherine Creel
Lion Heart - Tamya Anne Crosby
Wild Highland Rose - Dee Davis
Beyond Forever - Debra Dier
Mackenzie's Magic - Debra Dier
Maclaren's Bride - Debra Dier
A Well Favored Gentleman - Christina Dodd
Lost in Your Arms - Christina Dodd
Laird of the Mist - Elizabeth English
The Border Bride - Elizabeth English
Highland Bride - Colleen Faulkner
Highland Lady - Colleen Faulkner
Highland Lord - Colleen Faulkner
Isle of Lies - Donna Fletcher
Love Me Forever - Donna Fletcher
Remember the Magic - Donna Fletcher
The Daring Twin - Donna Fletcher
Touch Not The Cat - Tracy Fobes
Outlander - Diana Gabaldon
Keeping Kate - Sarah Gabriel (coming 11/05)
Stealing Sophie - Sarah Gabriel
The Laird - Julianna Garnett
The Scotsman - Julianna Garnett
Ransom - Julie Garwood
Saving Grace - Julie Garwood
The Bride - Julie Garwood
The Secret - Julie Garwood
The Wedding - Julie Garwood
Kilgannon - Kathleen Givens
The Legend - Kathleen Givens
The Wild Rose of Kilgannon - Kathleen Givens
Highland Belle - Patricia Grasso
Once a Rogue - Megan Gray
Fraser Bride - Lois Greiman
Highland Enchantment - Lois Greiman
Highland Hawk - Lois Greiman
Highland Jewel - Lois Greiman
Highland Scoundrel - Lois Greiman
Highland Wolf - Lois Greiman
The Lady and the Knight - Lois Greiman
The MacGowan Betrothal - Lois Greiman
The Princess and Her Pirate - Lois Greiman
The Warrior Bride - Lois Greiman
Highland Rogue - Deborah Hale
Isle of Skye - Constance Hall
Lady of the Mist - Peggy Hanchar
The Scottish Bride - Peggy Hanchar
The MacLean Groom - Kathleen Harrington
A Year and a Day - Virginia Henley
Tempted - Virginia Henley
The Border Hostage - Virginia Henley
Wild Hearts - Virginia Henley
Undone - Virginia Henley
Highland Destiny - Kathryn Hockett
Heaven and the Heather - Elizabeth Holcombe
A Time for Dreams - Jen Holling
My Devilish Scotsman - Jen Holling
My Shadow Warrior - Jen Holling
My Wicked Highlander - Jen Holling
Highland Angel - Hannah Howell
Highland Bride - Hannah Howell
Highlander Conqueror - Hannah Howell
Highland Groom - Hannah Howell
Highland Hearts - Hannah Howell
Highland Honor - Hannah Howell
Highland Knight - Hannah Howell
Highland Vow - Hannah Howell
Highland Warrior - Hannah Howell
The Eternal Highlander - Hannah Howell/Lynsay Sands
Lady of the Knight -Jackie Ivie
His Wicked Promise - Samantha James
His Wicked Ways - Samantha James
The Scottish Rose - Jill Jones
The Lover - Nicole Jordan
The Charm Stone - Donna Kauffman
The Legend MacKinnon - Donna Kauffman
A Case of Nerves - Angie Kay
Haunted By Love - Amber Kaye
Lady Miracle - Susan King
Laird of the Wind - Susan King
The Heather Moon - Susan King
The Raven's Moon - Susan King
The Stone Maiden - Susan King
The Swan Maiden - Susan King
The Sword Maiden - Susan King
A Slip in Time - Kathleen Kirkwood
The Very Thought of You - Lynn Kurland
Border Lord - Arnette Lamb
Chieftan - Arnette Lamb
Highland Rogue - Arnette Lamb
Maiden of Inverness - Arnette Lamb
Highland Barbarian - Ruth Langan
Highland Fire - Ruth Langan
Highland Heart - Ruth Langan
Highland Heather - Ruth Langan
Highland Heaven - Ruth Langan
Highland Sword - Ruth Langan
The Betrayal - Ruth Langan
The Highlander - Ruth Langan
The Knight & The Seer - Ruth Langan
A Hint of Heather - Rebecca Hagan Lee
A Gentle Fending - Johanna Lindsey
Love Me Forever - Johanna Lindsey
The Heir - Johanna Lindsey
The Pursuit - Johanna Lindsey
Highlander In Disguise - Julia London
Highlander in Love -Julia London
Highlander Unbound - Julia London
Firebrand Bride - Janet Lynnford
Spellbound Summer - Janet Lynnford
Men in Kilts - Katie MacAlister
Born in Sin - Kinley MacGregor
Charming the Highlander- Kinley MacGregor
Taming the Scotsman - Kinley MacGregor
Speak of Love - Linda Madl
The Scotman's Bride - Linda Madl
The Scotman's Lady - Linda Madl
Highland Dream -Tess Mallory
Highland Fling -Tess Mallory
Highland Magic -Tess Mallory
A Touch So Wicked - Connie Mason
The Laird of Stonehaven - Connie Mason
The Adventures of a Scottish Heiress - Cathy Maxwell
The Marriage Contract - Cathy Maxwell
Lord of the Isle - Elizabeth Mayne
Man of the Mist - Elizabeth Mayne
The Highlanders Maiden - Elizabeth Mayne
Angel of Skye - May McGoldrick
Beauty of the Mist - May McGoldrick
Borrowed Dreams - May McGoldrick
Flame - May McGoldrick
Heart of Gold - May McGoldrick
Intended - May McGoldrick
The Dreamer - May McGoldrick
The Enchantress - May McGoldrick
The Firebrand - May McGoldrick
The Promise - May McGoldrick
The Thistle and the Rose - May McGoldrick
The Highland Lord - Melinda McRae
A Whisper of Roses - Teresa Medeiros
The Bride and the Beast - Teresa Medeiros
Touch of Enchantment - Teresa Medeiros
Fire and Sword - Theresa Michaels
Magic and Mist - Theresa Michaels
Silk and Steel - Theresa Michaels
The Thorn and the Thistle - Julie Moffett
Beyond the Highland Mist - Karen Marie Moning
Kiss of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning
The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning
The Highlander's Touch - Karen Marie Moning
The Immortal Highlander - Karen Marie Moning
To Tame a Highland Warrior - Karen Marie Moning
Once a Warrior - Karyn Monk
The Prisoner - Karyn Monk
The Rose and the Warrior - Karyn Monk
The Wedding Escape - Karyn Monk
The Witch and the Warrior - Karyn Monk
Bride of Lochbarr - Margaret Moore
Lord of Dunkeathe - Margaret Moore
Embrace the Dawn - Kathleen Morgan
The Heather and the Thistle - Kathleen Morgan
Highland Lovesong - Penelope Neri
Highland Honor - Lori Pepio
One Man's Love - Karen Ranney
The Irresistible MacRae - Karen Ranney
To Love a Scottish Lord - Karen Ranney
When the Laird Returns - Karen Ranney
Highlander Heroes : The Adventurer - Jaclyn Reding
Highlander Heroes : The Pretender - Jaclyn Reding
The Secret Gift - Jaclyn Reding
White Heather - Jaclyn Reding
White Mist - Jaclyn Reding
White Night - Jaclyn Reding
Rebellion - Nora Roberts
The Key - Lynsay Sands
Border Bride - Amanda Scott
Border Fire - Amanda Scott
Border Storm - Amanda Scott
Highland Fling - Amanda Scott
Highland Secrets - Amanda Scott
Highland Spirits - Amanda Scott
Highland Treasure - Amanda Scott
The Secret Clan: Abducted Heiress - Amanda Scott
The Secret Clan: Hidden Heiress - Amanda Scott
The Secret Clan Highland Bride - Amanda Scott
The Secret Clan: Reiver's Bride - Amanda Scott
Master of Castle Glen - Ana Seymour
No Ordinary Man - Suzanne Simmons
Christmas Knight - Christina Skye
Betrayed - Bertrice Small
Darling Jasmine - Bertrice Small
Just Beyond Tomorrow - Bertrice Small
Love Wild and Fair - Bertrice Small
The Spitfire - Bertrice Small
Bride of Trouville - Lyn Stone
The Highland Wife - Lyn Stone
The Knight's Bride - Lyn Stone
The Quest - Lyn Stone
The Scot - Lyn Stone
My Lord Jack - Hope Tarr
Bride of the Beast - Sue Ellen Welfonder
Devil in a Kilt - Sue Ellen Welfonder
Knight in my Bed - Sue Ellen Welfonder
Master of the Highlands - Sue Ellen Welfonder
Only for a Knight - Sue Ellen Welfonder
Wedding for a Knight - Sue Ellen Welfonder
A Hidden Magic - Terri Lynn Wilhelm
Fool of Hearts - Terri Lynn Wilhelm
Highland Jewel - Terri Lynn Wilhelm
Mistress of Rossmor - Marianne Willman
Charming the Shrew - Laurin Wittig
Daring the Highlander - Laurin Wittig
The Devil of Kilmartin - Laurin Wittig

Anthology titles coming soon!

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