Native American Romances
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The Native American romances are very popular in today's romance industry. It is very interesting to read about the cultures and beliefs of such a sacred people. Lately I have noticed in the series lines that more Indian romances are being published and I have found I enjoy the contemporary settings more than the historicals. However, the plots in the historicals are much stronger in cultural and heritage facts than the contemps. Cassie Edwards is one of the leading authors of Native American romance, her Savage books are legendary. Other favorites are Madeline Baker, Georgina Gentry, Susan Edwards, Karen Kay, Genell Dellin, Catherine Hart, Connie Mason and many more. I have some great books in my collection and I am always searching for more. I have listed the books in my collection alphabetically. Also listed on this page are links to author's websites, so please take the time to visit them and happy reading!

"Soulmates" art by Lee Bogle

Apache Pride-Joyce Adams
Silver & Steel-Susan Amarillas
Apache Flame-Madeline Baker
Apache Runaway-Madeline Baker
Hawk's Woman-Madeline Baker
Lakota Love Song-Madeline Baker
Lakota Renegade-Madeline Baker
Reckless Embrace-Madeline Baker
Reckless Heart-Madeline Baker
Spirit's Song-Madeline Baker
Under a Prairie Moon-Madeline Baker
Legend-Laura Baker
Hawk-Elaine Barbieri
Night Raven-Elaine Barbieri
Cloud Dancer-Peggy Bechko
Hannah's Half Breed-Heidi Betts
Beloved Savage-Sandra Bishop
Heart's Surrender-F. Rosanne Bittner
Savage Destiny, Eagle's Song-Rosanne Bittner
Texas Passions-Rosanne Bittner
Forbidden Moon-Jane Bonander
Heat of a Savage Moon-Jane Bonander
Secrets of a Midnight Moon-Jane Bonander
The Savage-Parris Afton Bonds
Comanche Sunset-Betty Brooks
Warrior's Destiny-Betty Brooks
Too Tough To Tame-Deborah Camp
Destiny's Warrior-Kit Dee
After the Thunder-Genell Dellin
Comanche Flame-Genell Dellin
Comanche Rain-Genell Dellin
Silver Moon Song-Genell Dellin
The Lover-Genell Dellin
Blaze of Desire-Kathleen Drymon
Legend of Desire-Kathleen Drymon
Precious Amber-Kathleen Drymon
Warrior of the Sun-Kathleen Drymon
Bold Wolf-Cassie Edwards
Lone Eagle-Cassie Edwards
Rolling Thunder-Cassie Edwards
Savage Bliss-Cassie Edwards
Savage Dance-Cassie Edwards
Savage Devotion-Cassie Edwards
Savage Dream-Cassie Edwards
Savage Eden-Cassie Edwards
Savage Grace-Cassie Edwards
Savage Fires-Cassie Edwards
Savage Heat-Cassie Edwards
Savage Honor-Cassie Edwards
Savage Joy-Cassie Edwards
Savage Longings-Cassie Edwards
Savage Love-Cassie Edwards
Savage Moon-Cassie Edwards
Savage Passions-Cassie Edwards
Savage Persuasion-Cassie Edwards
Savage Pride-Cassie Edwards
Savage Secrets-Cassie Edwards
Savage Shadows-Cassie Edwards
Savage Splendor-Cassie Edwards
Savage Spirit-Cassie Edwards
Savage Surrender-Cassie Edwards
Savage Thunder-Cassie Edwards
Savage Wonder-Cassie Edwards
Silver Wing-Cassie Edwards
Sun Hawk-Cassie Edwards
Wild Abandon-Cassie Edwards
Wild Embrace-Cassie Edwards
White Dawn-Susan Edwards
White Dove-Susan Edwards
White Dreams-Susan Edwards
White Dusk-Susan Edwards
Fire Dancer-Colleen Faulkner
Cheyenne Moon-Carol Finch
Comanche Promise-Carol Finch
Bright Morning Star-Kathryn Fox
Raven's Bride-Kathryn Fox
Firehawk's Bride-Judith E. French
Moon Dancer-Judith E. French
Apache Tears-Georgina Gentry
Cheyenne Song-Gorgina Gentry
Cheyenne Splendor-Georgina Gentry
Eternal Outlaw-Georgina Gentry
Timeless Warrior-Georgina Gentry
To Tame a Savage-Georgina Gentry
Warrior's Heart-Georgina Gentry
Warrior's Honor-Georgina Gentry
Cheyenne Desire-Robin Gideon
Loving Samantha-Robin Gideon
Say You Love Me-Patricia Hagan
Cheyenne Dreams-Peggy Hanchar
Swan Necklace-Peggy Hanchar
Wild Sage-Peggy Hanchar
Dreams of an Eagle-Lori Handeland
Dream Catcher-Kathleen Harrington
Charmed-Catherine Hart
Silken Savage-Catherine Hart
Summer Storm-Catherine Hart
Sundancer-Shirl Henke
The Endless Sky-Shirl Henke
Apache Flame-Janis Reams Hudson
Apache Magic-Janis Reams Hudson
Hawk's Woman-Janis Reams Hudson
Winter's Touch-Janis Reams Hudson
Gray Hawk's Lady-Karen Kay
Lakota Princess-Karen Kay
Lakota Surrender-Karen Kay
Proud Wolf's Woman-Karen Kay
White Eagle's Touch-Karen Kay
Wolf Shadow's Promise-Karen Kay
Painted Horse-Katherine Kincaid
Embrace the Wind-Chelley Kitzmiller
Fires of Heaven-Chelley Kitzmiller
Apache Fire-Elizabeth Lane
Shawnee Bride-Elizabeth Lane
Bring Down the Sun-Elisabeth Macdonald
Shadow Walker-Connie Mason
Tears Like Rain-Connie Mason
Wind Rider-Connie Mason
Dreamcatcher-Dinah McCall
Tallchief-Dinah McCall
Heaven's Fire-Candace McCarthy
Warrior's Caress-Candace McCarthy
Wild Innocence-Candace McCarthy
A Little Peace and Quiet-Modean Moon
Comanche Passion-Sara Orwig
Texas Passion-Sara Orwig
Savage Passion-Wanda Owen
Falcon Moon-Catherine Palmer
Paper Rose-Diana Palmer
Texas Renegade-Dana Ransom
Sun God-Nan Ryan
Ghost Dancer-Fela Dawson Scott
Spirit of the Mountain-Fela Dawson Scott
Eagle Dancer-Theresa Scott
Lord of the Plains-Velda Sherrod
Raven in Amber-Patricia Simpson
Renegade's Lady-Bobbi Smith
The Half Breed-Bobbi Smith
Night Walker-Sylvie Sommerfield
Wild Winds-Janelle Taylor
Forever Beloved-Joan Van Nuys
Catch a Wild Heart-Vivian Vaughan
Chance of a Lifetime-Vivian Vaughan
Desert Rain-Spirit Walker
Cherokee Bride-Teresa Warfield
Await The Wind-Rochelle Wayne
Witch Dance-Peggy Webb
Cherokee Bride-Patricia Werner
Beloved Captive-Lauren Wilde
Sweet Savage Splendor-Lauren Wilde
Warrior's Woman-Kathy Willis
Cherokee Wind-Clara Wimberly
Gray Eagle's Bride-Jessica Wulf
Hunter's Bride-Jessica Wulf

Madeline Baker
Sandra Bishop
Rosanne Bittner
Genell Dellin
Cassie Edwards
Susan Edwards
Judith E. French
Georgina Gentry
Janis Reams Hudson
Karen Kay
Elizabeth Lane
Connie Mason
Dinah McCall
Candace McCarthy
Janelle Taylor

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