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Welcome to my new page devoted to my favorite romance heroes. The sexy biker is in honor of Jacob from Shannon McKenna's short story "Something Wild" in a Brava anthology titled "All Through the Night". He is definitely my favorite biker hero. And below I have listed in no particular order most of my favorite romance heroes. I am sure I may have overlooked some because I have enjoyed so many fantastic heroes over the years. I will add them as I sort through my keeper collection which is quite large.

Blue DuFray from THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW by Wendy Rosnau
Jackson Ward from BENEATH THE SILK by Wendy Rosnau
Joey Masado from ONE WAY OUT by Wendy Rosnau
Lucien LeDeux from THE LOVE POTION by Sandra Hill
Remy LeDeux from TALL, DARK, AND CAJUN by Sandra Hill
Jake Dolan from KISS AND TELL by Cherry Adair
Lucas Greywolf from HONOR BOUND by Erin St. Claire/Sandra Brown
Jackson Rule from JACKSON RULE by Dinah McCall
Jacque from CAJUN HOT by Nikita Black
Auri Levalois from SWEET REVENGE by Nina Bruhns
Zane MacKenzie from MACKENZIE'S PLEASURE by Linda Howard
Sam Donovan from MR. PERFECT by Linda Howard
Gray Rouillard from AFTER THE NIGHT by Linda Howard
Dallas/Grey from LONE RIDER by Lauren Bach
Lucky Doucet from LUCKY'S LADY by Tami Hoag
Jack Boudreaux from CRY WOLF by Tami Hoag
John Huntington from MIDNIGHT MAN by Lisa Marie Rice
Etienne Argeneau from LOVE BITES by Lynsay Sands
Nicholas Andracas from A PAST REVENGE by Carole Mortimer
Ben Badwin from NEVER TOO MUCH by Lori Foster
Drake MacDougall from HIS STOLEN BRIDE by Shelley Bradley
Lucien Clayborne from ONE WICKED NIGHT by Shelley Bradley
Ryan Matthews from SEDUCED by Janelle Denison
Noah Summers from THE ULTIMATE SEDUCTION by Janelle Denison
Alain Devereaux from SILVER RAIN by Barbara Sheridan
Beauregard Dupree from BE MY BABY by Susan Anderson
Cash Boudreaux from SLOW HEAT IN HEAVEN by Sandra Brown
George from GEORGE AND THE VIRGIN by Lisa Cach
Joe Morelli from the "Stephanie Plum" series by Janet Evanovich
Rejar from REJAR by Dara Joy
Jorlan Reynard from RITUAL OF PROOF by Dara Joy
Leon Duvanne from LORD SAVAGE by Patricia Coughlin
Luc Martineau from SEE JANE SCORE by Rachel Gibson
"Rider" from THE BOUNTY HUNTER by M.L. Rhodes
Ryan Kinsmore from FALLEN FROM GRACE by Laura Leone
Ty Gallagher from BODY CHECK by Deirdre Martin
Michael Dante from FAIR PLAY by Deirdre Martin
John Sexton (Viscount) from TONIGHT OR NEVER by Dara Joy
Clint MacAllister from KISS ME ONCE, KISS ME TWICE by Kimberly Raye
Sean from THE TEMPTATION OF SEAN MacNEILL by Virginia Kantra
Derek Ballantine from PASSION KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES by Paris Dixon
Mark O'Grady from EVERY WOMAN'S FANTASY by Vicki Lewis Thompson

"I apologize to any of my special heroes that I may have forgotten to add."