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This page is devoted to old pics that I can find anywhere. I'm always looking for more so email them to me and I'll gladly put them in.
Photo credits are below unless unknown.

Peter Dawson in the GCV Slingsby TS31c
(I think it's c). 1959.(pd/ch)

The GCV nymph. Peter Dawson again.(pd/ch)

Kookaburra and Grunau in the GCV hanger.
Early 1960's.(pd/ch)

Angus Black trying to break the cable of the GCV 'winch'. This was quite easily done if I remember correctly.(pd/ch)

Grunau 2(?). Mildura Gliding Club (I think) c1960.(gp)

April Davies' first solo at GCV in the early 1960's. Claire Hart giving encouragement.(gp)

Slingsby Skylark at GCV. This is a syndicate sailplane owned by Peter Dawson, Reg Pollard and I think, Bill Malcolm.(gp)

One of the Kookaburra trainers.
GCV during the early 1960's.(gp)

The Green ES59 Arrow. GCV. (pd/ch)

The Nymph in grass at GCV. (pd/ch)

Claire and the Mucha at GCV. (pd/ch)

Auster Tug, Skylark, Super Arrow and Kookas in GCV hanger. Parts of Fred Hoinville's Brolga(?) leaning against wall. (pd/ch)

Angus Black replacing GCV winch engine. I believe I'm the one in white.
Hmmm The original pic is much better. (pd/ch)

Geelong Gliding Club winch at Little River. (pd/ch)



Last update April 2000.

Photo Credits.
(pd/ch) From the collection of Peter Dawson and Claire Hart.
(gp) Graham Perham