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Robert Stones
2501 Terri Lane
Cocoa, FL 32926
open from 8:AM till 11:PM EDT

Some of you might have noticed we have moved the address has changed to the above on Terri Lane everything else is the same Cell phone is 321 427-1173

I have 25 years experience with all radio's specializing in Cobra, Uniden, RCI and Galaxy. You name it I can fix it if I can get the parts. Some of my customers are truckers that come from all over the country and I have my regulars from the local area.

In Florida they come from Palm Beach to Jacksonville, from Tampa to Cape Canaveral. I don't charge by the hour so, if for some reason it can't be fixed I will not charge you anything, and all my work is guaranteed, however, if the case screws are removed, my guarantee is nul and void. If someone recommends me they get a free tune up. I take pride in my work, and my goal is to make my customers happy with their radios.

With the correct modifications and set up I can make your radio smoke. ( Of course a lot depends on what kind of radio you have.) However keep in mind you don't have to spend a lot of money on the best radio either, a cobra 29LTD or 148GTL will scream with the right set up.

I have made a lot of friends in this business. When word got around that I was moving they kept me busy for days on end. When the day came to move, Predator, Izzy, Octane, Grant and Nightmare along with others, helped me pack and moved me. Clam Digger and CK went to work to build me a radio room in my new place. My sincere thanks to all my customers who have become my friends and have been loyal to me all these years. A special thanks to all the old timers down there in Palm Bay and Malabar who have been with me since we all had call letters.

For all of you who are interested in CB Radio, I want you to know that there are numerous inaccuracies on the Internet, from old Secret CB mods that are outdated, or don't work at all, to publications that give the wrong information.

Don't let anyone talk you into a mod kit, they especially don't work! It is my objective to correct all of this and give you the information that does work.

I don't have all the answers to all the different radios out there, however, I can tell you in a heartbeat if a mod will work or not.

When it comes to repair and they bring that radio to me DOA (Dead On Arrival) I like nothing better then, not only bringing that baby back to life, but to wake it up and make it shout.

If you are not happy with your radio, or if your interested in how much better your radio can be, please read this page first then come back and read the rest.MY CUSTOMERS FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.

Please, take a minute and sign my new guest book on page 2 so my better half, Jerri, doesn't think she did all this work for nothing. Thank you for spending some time with me and if I can help just send me an E-mail. And while your at it take the tour and enter "My World" just above my E-mail link. Add a link on my add links page or if you want check out my new forum page. Lots of goodies to be added later so keep checking back.

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