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Fan Fic! Your stories and mine!

If you have any stories you have written and you want me to put up here e-mail them to me and i will be happy to put them up!=) The first one is from my friend and I hope you like it;)

If anyone would like to help write a story no matter who it's on feel free to e-mail me or if you wan't to be in a story. I am currently working on a funny story. It's about A.J., Brian, Nick and Rebecca (me) Note: Not my real name being siblings but there is some sort of rivalry between A.J. and Nick and Rebecca. Brian is the favorite brother. Kevin and Howie are the cousins. Now I need more ideas. I would definitely give you credit!:o)I need a story Thanks!

The webmistress

Warning: These stories are 100% PURE FICTIONAL. They are NOT REAL, didn't occur in real life or anything.

A Night To Remember From the Webmistress & Friend About the whole group and 2 girls. Adventure/Suspense

Before They Were Backstreet! From Jennifer About the whole group.

My Life With A Backstreet Boy From Nikki About Kevin. Love story/Sad

Love's Many Destinies From Chandler <~~~~~ NEW!!! About Brian. Love story/Sad

Jerry Springer 2008 From Unknown <~~~~~NEW!!! About the whole group. Hilarious with very vulgar language.

Warning: The story above contains very foul language if you do not wan't to read this I'd suggest not so either. It is a funny story but alot of curssing. So if you are sensitive please do not enter. Thank You.

E-mail the authors!