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We are living in what the Bible refers to as the end of the age. Mankindís 6000 year lease is about to expire. Godís freedom and grace as we have come to know it is coming to an end. Replacing it will be the tyrannical ruler known as the antichrist or the man of sin. The world will not remain as we now know it. Plans have been laid that will change our current sovereign world nations into a 10 distinct world regions or kingdoms under one ruler; the antichrist. America, Canada and Mexico will be merged into one of the 10 kingdoms and renamed Canamerico. I have actually held the new coins of the realm in my own hand. This helps to explain why fortifying the Mexican/US border seems to be such a low priority. The ultimate goal is to create a new world order with one world ruler and one world economy. For this reason, a successful capitalist republic like America cannot stand if all world citizens are to be equal monetarily. Spending bills and financially devastating new programs are being put in place to bankrupt America and move us to equal standing with third world countries. I know some of this may sound far-fetched so please do the research. The internet has an abundance of information on all that I have mentioned, some good, some bad. You owe it to yourself to research these areas and draw your own conclusions as I have done. Just donít get caught by surprise. When the new world ruler takes control of the 10 newly-created kingdoms, he will also institute a world religion under the complete control of a man known as the false prophet. A belief system as strong and effective as Christianity cannot be allowed to survive. It is being systematically neutralized as you read this. The modern church is being led in bad directions such as replacement theology, collective salvation, etc., etc. The very charitable, tax-free status the churches enjoy is allowing their speech to be controlled and even nullified. There is legislation pending that would label the belief in Jesus as the only way to Heaven as hate speech, subject to persecution. The day is soon approaching when true Christians will be forced to meet secretly in private homes. What can Christians do in light of all this? I have found an answer in the actions of a preacher to the original 13 colonies named George Whitfield. He was a New Calvinist British preacher who visited the Colonies often and preached there gaining a large following including Benjamin Franklin with whom he became great friends. He helped bring about the Great Awakening; the first major Christian revival in the 13 colonies that were about to birth the United States. In his time, as it is now, the religious groups were very fractionated and really had little or nothing to do with each other. Whitfieldís goal was to unite the fragmented religions by reminding them of their common goal- the Great Commission. This resulting unity spread to the 13 colonies with their individual problems and reluctance to take on England to forge a new united state, helping them to come together for the common good. He gave a powerful sermon. He stood and told a parable to illustrate his point. He gave this illustration: He said ďFather Abraham was talking to God . He asked God if there are any Methodists in Heaven. God said no. Father Abraham said well then, God, are there any Episcopalians in Heaven? God said no. So Father Abraham asked God if there were any Catholics, Lutherans, or Quakers in Heaven. God again said no. Then God, said father Abraham, who IS in Heaven. God said one word; Christians.Ē The message was received and a 2 hour interdenominational prayer meeting followed. This coming together of the religions gave example to the 13 colonies to come together as well for the common goal of making America a sovereign nation, removing Englandís control. Our religions are fragmented today as well. Individual ideas of dogma and ritual often takes the place of our drawing together in our common goal; the Great Commission of bringing the promises of Jesus Christ to a hungry world. We must begin to set our differences aside and embrace our commonality Ė weíre all Christians. Awhile back I was led to put the 24/7 Church online. Itís non-denominational and multidenominational. The idea was to provide Christian resources to all 24/7 365. It contains information links you will need in an emergency plus resources you can use to further your Christian walk. It is available always as emergencies donít always occur and questions don't always arise just on Sunday morning, do they? The 24/7 Church has been online for about 10 years and has had wonderful responses from missionaries, ministers and Christians the world over. Several have given their heart to the Lord thru this ministry, praise God. It remains totally free and open to all who would come and is made available to you as my Christian service. The site was updated recently with fresh resources and is ready for use. There is a blog and guestbook available for comments or questions. As Iíve said, the site is absolutely free and is updated regularly. The only cost is your willingness to take the time to explore the site and use its resources. I urge you to visit the site often. May God bless you in your Christian walk.

All welcome to the 24/7 Church.

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