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Las Vegas is my favorite vacation spot. The first time that I went to Las Vegas, I was a teenager. The Mirage had just opened recently, and I got kicked out of their casino. That is when the security was pretty tight. We stayed at the Flamingo Hilton, in the "Garden" Rooms. At the time, I was pretty upset that we didn't get a room in the big towers. But I didn't really realize that it was a part of history and that they soon would be gone. After all, Bugsy Seigel had his own private room there! Ever since that first trip, I have stayed at the Flamingo Hilton. It is in a great location, close to all of the new hotel's. I know that there are new hotel's going up there, practically everyday, but Flamingo is the place for me.

O.K... so, I was about 17 years old, and what 17 year old would NOT love all those bright lights? I did get to gamble some, and actually got served drinks. I figured it out, all I had to do was keep my back turned to the cocktail waitresses, and tell her what I wanted with no hesitation, and I had it made. Of course my parents' were right by me the whole time. I remember we were in Flamingo, and we were sitting at some dollar slot machines. I was next to my dad, and he was handing me some of his dollar slug's. He told me not to put more than one dollar slug into the machine, and I didn't. I put a slug into the machine in front of me, and pulled the handle. All of the sudden, I saw one plum, then another, then another, then another... I didn't know what to do!! I looked up and saw a bunch of lights flashing, and freaked out!! I elbowed my dad, and took off to the hotel room. I didn't know if I hit the jackpot or what, but I knew I wasn't going to stick around just in case it was. I didn't even think about the "eye's in the sky" all I knew was to get outta there, just in case, so that way I didn't get that money taken away from us! Like I said, I freaked! Well, so there I was, sitting in the hotel room, and all of the sudden the phone rings. It was my dad calling from the courtesy phone in the casino. He asked me if I had a heart attack or not yet, and I replied no. Then I asked how much money that I had won. My dad replied with "Fifty bucks" Well, it turns out that those flashing lights above the slot machine were already there. That they were not for me, they were progessive slot machines. Progressive slot machines, just in case you don't know, are a group of slot machines that the jackpot value is constantly going up. The jackpot's for these machines can go up into the millions!

I have been to Vegas a few times before the year 1995. What happened in 1995? I got married to my husband then! We got married at "The Little White Chapel". That was my husband's first trip to Las Vegas, but not the last! All of those bright lights were new to him now, and he was hooked, just like I was. We stayed at the Flamingo, of course, when we checked in, we mentioned that we were there for our wedding. They gave us a suite for no extra charge! It was a nice room, maybe on our anniversary if we go back, they will give us a suite, too!

The night that my husband and I got married, we went to dinner with our family to The Beef Baron, at the Flamingo. It was a very restaurant. They put us in our own little room in the corner. It was complete with the drapes to close for privacy. Complementary champaigne, and even a two tier wedding cake. This wedding cake was cream colored, and topped with a cake topper that my mother had brought from home.

The day that we all got to Vegas, the wedding chapel came and picked us up to go get our wedding license. Then, they took us to the chapel to make sure that we approved, and to order flowers. After we were done with that, they took us back to the hotel. While my husband and I were doing that, my parents were at The Beef Baron, up tp no good. They took the topper there and made sure that they still had our reservations from when they called from home.

After we ate dinner, we all headed to Ceasar's Palace for some drinks, and what else? To gamble of course! We ended up going to a few different places that night. And we all had a good time.

Now, Flamingo Hilton is my favorite place to stay. But of course you have to go check out the other casino's! Wanna hear about some of the others?

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