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You know you've watched too much Twilight Zone when...

You know you've watched too much Twilight Zone when...

... you refer to your computer as 'The Old Man In The Cave'.

...instead of just saying, "It's a good thing" you also add, "it's a real good thing". can't look out any windows anymore, for fear of seeing a gremlin pop up. carry an extra pair of glasses, just in case! get on a plane and look for flight attendants who look like the one in Room 22.

...whenever someone has worn out their welcome, you tap a beat on the table and say, "Get out of here Finchley!" wish you had the power to wish people into the cornfield, turn them into jack-in-the-boxes, etc. play kick the can to try and revert back to your youth.

...when you receive a huge bill, you say "Somebody's pulling some kind of gag, right?" say "how's that?" instead of "what". take a drive and end up in your hometown, hoping you'll go back in time. say "You think about that now" after making a comment.

...when you make Serling-esque hand gestures holding your cigarette.

... you can identify the episode based solely upon the absolute first two seconds of the opening shot, even if it is just a shot panning from the sky down to the earth. say 'robit' instead of robot.

...when something doesn't turn out right, you say, "Well, that's the way it goes."

...when asked to state your profession, you say "librarian" with defiance.

...whenever your life's in a tailspin, you hear Rod's voice in your head saying "Respectfully submitted for your perusal" or "Portrait of a man in trouble." refuse to visit any building's ninth floor. begin to hold a grudge against one of your child's toys.'ve begun fashioning grotesque masks for your family to wear at your deathbed. inspect your bedroom walls every night to make sure there are no openings to alternate planes of existence.

...four o'clock makes you nervous every single day.'ve tried flipping a quarter on its edge a million times "just to see if anything weird happens".

...if someone is giving you a hard time, you tell them to "take a flying leap at the moon".