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Season Three
You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and
sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that
of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!

66) Two
First Aired: 9/15/61
Two nuclear holocaust survivors from opposite sides must start the world anew.

67) The Arrival
First Aired: 9/22/61
A plane lands safely, but all its passengers, pilot and crew are missing.

68) The Shelter
First Aired: 9/29/61
When a UFO invasion appears imminent, several suburban friends and neighbors become selfish and conniving in a fight over one family's bomb shelter.

69) The Passersby
First Aired: 10/6/61
Soldiers pass a certain house on their way home from the Civil War.

70) A Game of Pool
First Aired: 10/13/61
A brilliant pool player dreams of a showdown with the legendary (and dead) Fats Brown.

71) The Mirror
First Aired: 10/20/61
An ambitious man who overthrows his country's tyrannical leader, believes he sees his enemies when looking in the mirror.

72) The Grave
First Aired: 10/27/61
A man puts a curse on his enemy before he dies. If he set foot on his grave, he'll kill him.

73) It's a Good Life
First Aired: 11/3/61
He knows your every thought, can feel your every emotion. He can eliminate all you hold dear. Who is he? A 6 year old boy from Peaksville, Ohio.

74) Deaths-Head Revisited
First Aired: 11/10/61
A former Nazi SS Captain returns to the ruins of a concentration camp.

75) The Midnight Sun
First Aired: 11/17/61
A cosmic event has hurled the earth toward the sun, sending the thermometer up and the population into despair.

76) Still Valley
First Aired: 11/24/61
A Confederate soldier gets the chance to win the Civil War for the South. But to do so, he must call on a very dubious ally.

77) The Jungle
First Aired: 12/1/61
Returned from a trip in Africa, a man scoffs at the voodoo lion curse that was placed on him.

78) Once Upon a Time
First Aired: 12/15/61
A janitor in 1890, accidentally activates a time-travelling helmet which transports him to the present.

79) Five Characters in Search of an Exit
First Aired: 12/22/61
A clown, hobo, ballet dancer, bagpiper, and army major are trapped in a giant cylinder, with no understanding of how they got there.

80) A Quality of Mercy
First Aired: 12/29/61
A soldier gets a new perspective on war when he is forced to experience it from his enemy's point of view.

81) Nothing in the Dark
First Aired: 1/5/62
An old woman is afraid to let a wounded policeman in her door in case he is Mr Death.

82) One More Pallbearer
First Aired: 1/12/62
An eccentric millionaire offers the use of his bomb shelter to three people who wronged him.

83) Dead Man's Shoes
First Aired: 1/19/62
A vagrant steps into a murdered gangster's expensive shoes and is taken over by the dead man's ghost.

84) The Hunt
First Aired: 1/26/62
An old hillbilly and his hound dog find themselves walking on an unfamiliar entrance to heaven. One problem: dogs are not allowed.

85) Showdown With Rance McGrew
First Aired: 2/2/62
TV cowboy star Rance McGrew finds himself in a real Old West saloon where Jesse James challenges him to a showdown.

86) Kick the Can
First Aired: 2/9/62
An old man at a resting home has discovered a secret to regaining youth.

87) A Piano in the House
First Aired: 2/16/62
A cynical critic uses a magical player piano to disclose his party guests' hidden selves.

88) The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank
First Aired: 2/23/62
Jeff Myrtlebank comes back from the dead at his own funeral.

89) To Serve Man
First Aired: 3/2/62
The Kanamits, 9 foot tall aliens, arrive on Earth with one lofty goal: To Serve Man.

90) The Fugitive
First Aired: 3/9/62
Old Ben is a fugitive from outer space who risks it all to help a crippled little girl.

91) Little Girl Lost
First Aired: 3/16/62
A six-year-old girl who can be heard, but not seen, has vanished inside her room.

92) Person or Persons Unknown
First Aired: 3/23/62
A man wakes up to find himself in a nightmare: no one knows him, and all evidence of his identity has disappeared.

93) The Little People
First Aired: 3/30/62
A spaceship commander declares himself a god when his ship lands on a planet populated by little people.

94) Four O'Clock
First Aired: 4/6/62
A political fanatic has determined that at 4 p.m. he will eliminate all his enemies by shrinking them.

95) Hocus Pocus and Frisby
First Aired: 4/13/62
Frisby is a loud-mouthed braggart whose boasts attract the attention of aliens.

96) The Trade-Ins
First Aired: 4/20/62
In the future, an elderly couple hope to transplant their personalities into youthful artificial bodies.

97) The Gift
First Aired: 4/27/62
An alien who crash-lands into a remote village stirs up the inhabitants fears and animosity, but he befriends a little boy and gives him a mysterious present.

98) The Dummy
First Aired: 5/4/62
A ventriloquist is convinced that his dummy is alive and evil.

99) Young Man's Fancy
First Aired: 5/11/62
When a newlywed couple briefly return to the groom's childhood home, the ties of the past prove too strong to resist.

100) I Sing the Body Electric
First Aired: 5/18/62
A young girl learns to accept her new grandmother--a robot.

101) Cavender is Coming
First Aired: 5/25/62
A klutzy usherette is "rescued" from poverty by a guardian angel.

102) The Changing of the Guard
First Aired: 6/1/62
A professor, forced to retire after 51 years of teaching, feels his life was worthless, until he encounters the ghostly appearance of his former students.