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"Blackfoot Willie"

Contact: "Blackfoot Willie"

Not only is "Blackfoot Wille" a member of B.T.W,
He is also an Illustrator, Sculptor, Cartoonist,
Logo-ist, Calligrapher, Romantic, Poet,
Philosopher, Professional Food Critic, Muralist.
Along with all of this, "Blackfoot Willie" does
a Cartoon for "TRIKER",
the official magazine of B.T.W
The Cartoon is called "TRES HOMBRES"
I would like to Thank
"Blackfoot Willie"
for allowing me to share
this series with all of you.
I would like to ask PLEASE do not use these cartoon's without the permission of "Blackfoot Willie" himself. Thank You,
"Triker Ox"

Blackfoot Willie's new Trike!
Enter the world of "TRES HOMBRES"

"For more of Blackfoot Willie's
work click here."