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V-W valve adjusting

Remove valve covers, do one cylinder at a time.
bring the the piston up to top dead center, on the
selected cylinder and that will ensure both valves are closed,
which is where they gotta be to adjust them.
put a lil presure on the pushrod end of the rockerarm,
and slide the feeler gauge between the valve stem,
and the adjusting stud.on the end of the rocker.
use a .005 or .006 in blade on the feeler gauge,
the book calls for .006 in. but i personally set mine a lil tight,
at about .005 in. if adjusted properly there should be a lil drag,
when you pull the feeler gauge through.
it will take a few times to get the feel of the resistance
you will feel when pulling the gauge through.
to set the clearance take a 13 or 14 mm (according to the year)
boxend wrench on the lock nut, put a screwdriver in the
slot on the adjusting stud hold it firmly, and break the lock nut loose.
with the feeler gauge in place turn the adjusting stud in or out,
to get the proper clearance, the blade of the feeler gauge should be tight,
but slide through without binding.hold the screwdriver in the stud firmly,
and tighten the lock nut, without letting the stud move, recheck the setting
then rotate the engine , a turn or two, and bring the just adjusted cylinder
back to top dead center, and recheck, if everything is ok, move on to the
next cylinder, and start all over again, untill all are done.
it might seem like it will take for ever, but after you do it a few times,
you should be able to do it in about 1/2 hour or less.
its best to adjust them at opperating tempature.
I aint to good at explaining stuff, but hope this will get ya started.

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