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Charles Wells 1702-1741

Charles Wells

Charles b: Cir 1702 married Mrs. Sarah Arnold in 1722/1723 and it is through this pair that all of the known descendants of this line are descended. This is the family that is referred to as "The Big Wells". This has NOTHING to do with the book written by Judge J. W. Wells "The Big Wells Family". Rather, it had to do with their stature.

It is said that the members of the "Big Wells" family, both men and women, were very tall and very heavy people. The members of the "Little Wells Family" were smaller in stature - probably more what we might term "normal". These two families did intermarry and some moved together to areas such as Brooke County, West Virginia; Licking County and Ross County, Ohio.

Apparently it was not uncommon for a group of family members to travel together on social visits. The story goes that when a group of the "Big Wells" family were seen it was not uncommon to hear the remark "Here come the Big Wells". This is how they are supposed to have gotten their nickname. The "Little Wells" have probably been given their nickname by recent genealogists just to differentiate them from the "Big Wells".

Charles died 1741 in Baltimore County, MD.