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Patches & Memorabilia of the Caribbean Scout Jamborees

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Collection Needs

I am not aware of a standard checklist of memorabilia from the Caribbean Scout Jamborees, but have narrowed my known patch needs to those shown below. I appreciate any leads, and would be pleased to trade for my needs. Please click the envelope link below to e-mail me.

From the Fifth Caribbean Jamboree, 1974

From the Twelfth Caribbean Jamboree, 2000

On a dealer's page during Fall 2002 I saw a listing for a backpatch / jacket patch for the 12th Caribbean Jamboree. When I inquired about the patch, I found out it was no longer available. Can anyone confirm or deny the existence of such a patch? Perhaps I mis-interpreted the abbreviation in the listing that led me to believe it was a jacket patch, and as it was no longer available, I was not able to see a scan or patch. Ideally, I would like to acquire one through sale or trade if it does exist. Any leads are appreciated.

From the Thirteenth Caribbean Jamboree, 2003

The official Web site for the 13th Caribbean Jamboree mentions availability of a number of jamboree collectibles, including a promotional poster, handbook, jamboree badge/patch, jamboree scarf/neckerchief, jamboree t-shirt, and ID card. I am interested in trading for any/all of these items.


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