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Come Party The Way YOU Want Too - NAKED!

Join us on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico out of the port of Pensacola, Fl. on 'Bottom Dweller' our 30' Proline Walk, where you can Sun Your Buns, Fish, Scuba Dive, Cruise or just relax on deck! The day is yours! Relax or play, it is up to you and your imagination.

Free yourself of those HOT sticky cloths and enjoy the warm breeze the way it was ment to be! Au Natural!!!

We have 1/2 day charters from $600 or full day charters from $800 (plus bait, ice, etc.); 1 to 6 people. (NOTE: The prices above are for Fishing, Scuba or Cruising charters. "Nude Sunbathing" (optional) charters since we're at anchor are only $500 for 1/2 day and $700 for full day. NOTE: Due to the increasing fuel cost, fees may change depending on the prices at the time. You can't beat our prices ANYWHERE! E-mail us for reservations. $200 deposit holds your date. So come on, the waters FINE and the Fishing is great!

Want to dive the Oriskany? Will take 4 divers at $175 each or $700 for 1 to 4 divers. 2 Tank dive. Must be Advanced Open Water Certified. Fast boat, so you will get there and back with time to reflect! Available WeekDAYS and WeekENDS.

Our Charters are all PRIVATE Charters, So have fun the way YOU want!

Our direct e-mail address is:

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