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My Cougar Page

Female cougars reach reproductive maturity from 2.5-4 years
and may breed at any time of year.
Females separate from their mate before the birth of their young.
The female gives birth to one to six kittens,
after a gestation period of up to 96 days.
Cougar kittens are born with light,
buff-coloured coats with dark spots and bars,
which fade by the time they are 9-12 months old.
Newborn kittens are 30mm long and weigh 400g.
Their eyes are closed until they are 10 days old,

Young kittens are dependent on their mother for up to 1.5 years.
Mother cougars defend their kittens against potential predators.
Male cougars do not participate in the care of their young,
and have been known to kill undefended kittens.
Only two-thirds of all kittens survive to independence.
The average interval between births is about 1.5 years.

Cougar Facts

Name: Cougar, Mountain Lion, Puma
Weight: 100-200 pounds
Head/Body: 48-60 inches
Tail: 28 inches

The largest of the lesser cats, the cougar, often incorrectly called a panther
The Cougar is a large and powerful cat
with a graceful and narrow body
and exceptionally strong legs.
It is the champion jumper among cats.

The Cougar has a distinctive call midway between a cough and a snarl.
Despite its size,it cannot roar.

Its head is small, with small rounded ears.
Its coat is a uniform tawny color with lighter under- parts and
white on the chin and throat.
It sports a white moustache.

The cougar was until recently found in all parts of North and South America
except the arctic,
but is rapidly vanishing from large portions of the U.S. and Canada.
It is strongly territorial.

The Cougar is solitary even by cat standards,
avoiding its own kind except to mate.
It hunts by day, primarily from the ground
but occasionally from high rocks, low cliffs, or trees,
and seeks deer, sheep, goats, and other similarly-sized game.
It will occasionally stalk livestock when other prey is scarce.
.... ....

It is intensely curious about everything in its range .
He looks curious to me right now .

An exceptionally gentle cat for one so large,
the cougar is easily tamed, especially when taken as a cub,
The Cougar does well in captivity.

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